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Instructions for Gear Sale Tags

Please read these instructions to correctly tag the item(s) that you want to sell at the Gear Sale:

1) Download the Gear Sale Item Tag PDF form by clicking on the link at the end of these instructions. After clicking the link, the form should automatically open in a PDF editor. If it does not, check your Downloads folder on your computer. Editing the form directly in your web browser will not provide a fully functional form and will result in reduplication of effort.

2) Each PDF sheet can be used for 3 items indicated by the 3 rows. If you have more than 3 items you want to sell, you will need to fill out and print the form multiple times.

3) Please fill in all user-editable fields in the left column. The information will auto-fill appropriately in the right column, except for the "Notes" section which you can fill in directly. The "Inventory #" field in both columns will be filled out by the COE Outfitting staff when you submit your gear for sale.

4) When you are done filling out a sheet, please print it but do not cut it. Bring the printed form(s) in with your gear during the appropriate times.

If you are unable to edit the PDF form or have other questions, come to the COE Outfitting counter and we will help you fill out the form when you bring in your gear to sell.

Gear Sale Item Tag