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Cornell University

Gear Rental Price List

The following prices are the single day BASE RATE. For multi-day rentals, see the Rental Rate Multiplier below to compute extended prices. Prices are subject to change.


Item Base Rate
2 Person Tent $20.00
3 Person Tent


Tarp (flat or NOLS style)


Sleeping Bag $15.00
Foam Sleeping Pad $2.00
Headlamp $6.00
Backpacking Stove w/ Empty Fuel Bottle $15.00
1 Qt. of Fuel for Stove (flat rate) $4.00
1 Gallon Pot $1.00
Baking/Frying Pan $1.00
Plastic Solo Ground Sheet $1.00
5 gal Gerry Can $4.00
Camp Utensils $0.50
Bear Canister $2.00
Tent Stakes (Bag of 12) $0.50


Item Base Rate
Internal Frame Backpack $16.00
Trekking Poles $5.00
GORE TEX Waterproof Jacket $5.00

GORE TEX Waterproof Pants

Nylon (NOLS) Windpants $2.00
Crazy Creek Chair $4.00
Compass $1.00
Trowel $1.00

Rock Climbing

Item Base Rate

Climbing Helmet


Climbing Shoes

Plastic Double Boots $15.00
Mountaineering Axe $5.00
Crampons $15.00


Item Base Rate
Canoe Package* (Tandem) $30.00
* Package includes Canoe, 2 PFDs, 2 Paddles, & Car Top Carrier Kit.
Canoe Paddle $4.00
Sea Kayak Paddle $4.00
PFD (life jacket) $8.00
Child/Infant PFD $6.00
Car Top Carrier Kit $4.00
Neoprene Booties $5.00
Paddling Jacket $6.00
Wetsuit $11.00
Dry Bag $5.00
Duluth Pack $5.00
Helmet Liner $1.00
Pogies $1.00

Cross-Country Skiing, Snowshoeing, and Winter Travel

Item Base Rate

Cross Country Ski Package*

* Package includes Skis, Boots & Poles
Cross Country Skis (w/ NNN Bindings) $16.00
Cross Country Ski Boots (NNN Binding compatible) $8.00
Cross Country Ski Poles $2.00

Snowshoes (Poles Optional, Rented Separately)

Trekking Poles $5.00
Gaiters $4.00
Pac Boots $9.00
Microspikes $4.00
Overmitts $1.00

Rental Rate Multiplier

Our rentals are computed on a pro-rated basis. The base rate is charged for the first 24 hours of a rental. After the first day, we use the following pricing structure to keep the rental costs reasonable:

Base Rate Multiplier

Rental Period Multiply Rate By
0-24 Hours 1
2-3 Days 2
4-7 Days 3
8-12 Days 4
13-15 Days 5
16-31 Days 7
Each additional single day 1
Each additional week 2

Rental Policies


Payment required via check, Mastercard/Visa, CU bursar or department charge. Due to university policy, we are unable to accept cash payment. 


Reservations require payment in full, either in-person or by telephone, during open hours: M-F 4-7pm, Sat-Sun 9am-1pm, with closures as per website (Summer and Intersession, closed T, W)


Cancellations can be performed in person or by telephone during open hours: M-F 4-7pm, Sat-Sun 9am-1pm, with closures as per website (Summer and Intersession, closed T, W)

There is 100% refund for reservations cancelled more than 2 days in advance. 50% refund if cancelled fewer than 2 days in advance. No refunds for equipment not picked-up.


Renter accepts financial responsibility for return of rented items. This includes late and cleaning charges, and full cost of repair or replacement if equipment is damaged, lost, or stolen.

Renter will be required to set up tents(s) upon return.

Items MUST be returned during COE outfitting hours: M-F 4-7pm, Sat-Sun 9am-1pm, with closures as per website (Summer and Intersession, closed T, W)


Equipment returned late will be subject to the full charge of a new rental spanning the overdue days AND a $10.00 late fee.

A $10.00 per item cleaning fee will be charged for all equipment returned in a condition deemed unacceptable.

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