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Spring 2024- click here to read

Highlights: Giving Day 2024, Spotlight on Kareena Stowers and Kaitlyn Miller, Alumni Adventures with Lucy Burgoyne and Daniel Grillo, Wins from Basementland: Outfitting, Ice and new office manager, Linnea Sunti!

Spring  2023- click here to read

Highlights: Ice Climbing, Adaptive Climbing at LCC, Annual Bouldering Competition, Giving Day 2023, COE 50th Anniversary Celebration


Spring 2021- click here to read

Highlights: Ithaca Winter, Spring Enrollment, Student Spotlight on Emily Kao, Student Reps to the COE Board, COE Co-Director Karel Hilversum serves on the Board of Directors for AORE


Fall 2020- click here to read

Highlights: COE in Quarantine, Climbing Center Cranks out Content, Community Outreach on Social Media, CTLC Goes Online, COE Mentor Group


Fall 2019- click here to read

Highlights: All Staff Training, Free Tree Climbing Lessons at Local Festival, CTLC Leads, MBA Students in Adirondack Canoe Leadership Expedition, Local Kids Learn to Ride on Donated Bikes


Winter 2019- click here to read

Highlights: Grant for Adaptive Climbing, COE Coordinator Rob Cook presents at AORE/AEE Conference, Record-breaking COE Gear Sale turnout, Climbing Competition, Interview with Instructor Hannah Ashby

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