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Rawlings Cornell Presidential Research Scholars

Clocktower and Cayuga Lake

The Hunter R. Rawlings III Cornell Presidential Research Scholars (RCPRS) program supports a select group of undergraduate students, from all colleges and many disciplines, by providing resources for and promoting sustained engagement in research in close relationship with faculty and other mentors.

Up to 200 students are supported each year. The majority of scholars are selected as incoming freshmen; up to 25 are selected each year as rising juniors.  Scholars collaborate with faculty mentors—of their choosing—in designing and carrying out an individualized program of research. 

Magnifying the power of this dynamic student-faculty partnership, the program provides each scholar with a generous research support account (RSA) ($8,000 for scholars admitted as freshmen; $5,000 for those admitted as juniors) and an annual need-based loan replacement of up to $4,000.