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50th Anniversary Service Engagements

People Performing Trail Maintenance

COE 50/50 Project – Call For Service Engagement Proposals

Our goal is to honor the 50 years of COE’s existence with 50 service engagements that benefit the communities where COE folks live, work, and play. For many of us, our participation in COE programs helped to shape who we are and how we engage with the world around us. Now it’s time to share some of that COE magic! We are looking for COE community members to take the lead in planning and leading a 50/50 service engagement.

What “Counts” as a COE 50/50 Service Engagement?

  • The primary visionary and organizer of the service engagement should be member of the COE community. 
  • A service engagement may be part of an existing class or program, or it may be something new entirely. 
  • The service engagement should address a specific community interest, problem, or public concern in *your* community and should include working with a community partner
  • Each project should connect in some way to COE’s mission:
    • Cornell Outdoor Education develops teamwork, leadership, and growth through outdoor experience. We do so by: 
      • Teaching outdoor skills and judgment for lifelong recreation and fitness
      • Promoting environmental responsibility through personal connection to the natural world
      • Empowering individuals and groups to move beyond self-imposed limitations
      • Igniting a passion for experiential learning
      • Enhancing initiative, self-reliance, and compassion for others
  • Projects should also share COE’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Just as COE classes and programs are more than guided adventures, service engagements should be about more than just a simple, singular experience. Preparation, action, and reflection are all key components of the service engagement. 
  • Organizers will be asked to coordinate with the COE 50/50 Planning Committee before the service engagement and to submit a brief report and photos afterward

Want to get involved? Need some ideas? Talk to us! We are here to support you. Submit your event and we will add it to the list below! We will also post these events on our Facebook page.




Location Date Contact Info
1 Adaptive Climbing at the Lindseth Climbing Center Ithaca, NY 3/26/22 Josh Giblin,
2 Fall Creek Trail Maintenance with Botanic Gardens Ithaca, NY 4/23/22 Mark Holton,
3 Adaptive Climbing at the Lindseth Climbing Center Ithaca, NY 4/23/22 Josh Giblin,
4 Maintenance on Schoharie Caving Preserve  Schoharie, NY 5/7/22 Mark Holton, 
5 Hammond Hill Trail Maintenance 1 Dryden, NY 5/9/22 Mark Holton, 
6 Hammond Hill Trail Maintenance 2 Dryden, NY 5/14/22 Mark Holton, 
7 Adaptive Climbing at the Lindseth Climbing Center Ithaca, NY 5/21/22 Josh Giblin,
8 Monkey Run Trail Maintenance Ithaca, NY 5/17/22 Mark Holton, 
9 Underground Railroad Education Center (Landscaping) Albany, NY 6/28/22

Eric Dahl, 

10 Monkey Run Trail Maintenance Ithaca, NY 7/11/22 Mark Holton, 
11 Botanic Gardens Trail Maintenance Ithaca, NY 7/13/22 Mark Holton, 
12 Monkey Run Trail Maintenance Ithaca, NY 7/14/22 Mark Holton, 
13 Ithaca Youth Bureau Paddleboard Day Lansing, NY 7/14/22 Mark Holton, 
14 Tanglewood Nature Center Tree Climbing for kids Elmira, NY 7/15/22 Mark Holton, 
15 Odyssey Finger Lakes Service Trip Ithaca, NY 8/10/22 Himay Kapadia,
16 Hammond Hill Trail Maintenance 3 Dryden, NY 8/11/22

Mark Holton, 

17 Montessori Tree Climbing Day Ithaca, NY 9/15/22 Mark Holton, 
18 National Speleological Society Service Day Schoharie, NY 9/18/22

Mark Holton, 

19 Natural Areas Service Day Ithaca, NY 9/26/22 Mark Holton, 
20 Johnson School / COE / Bike Walk Tompkins bicycle program Ithaca, NY 10/20/22 Sylvie Froncek,
21 Youth Bureau Bike Touring Day Ithaca, NY 11/1/22 Mark Holton, 
22 Adaptive Climbing at the Lindseth Climbing Center Ithaca, NY 11/19/22 Josh Giblin,
23 Flat Rock Trail Maintenance Work Day Ithaca, NY 11/6/22 Dashiel Handler,
24 Odyssey Trail Service Ithaca, NY 11/13/22 Outdoor Odyssey,
25 Monkey Run Slope Repair Ithaca, NY 12/03/22 Arryn Owens,
26 Adaptive Climbing Ithaca, NY 12/17/22 Josh Giblin,
27 Ithaca Youth Bureau Outing Program Climbing 1 Ithaca, NY 1/03/23 Mark Holton, 
28 Ithaca Youth Bureau Outing Program Climbing 2 Ithaca, NY 1/10/23 Mark Holton, 
29 Ithaca Youth Bureau Outing Program Climbing 3 Ithaca, NY 1/17/23 Mark Holton, 
30 Ithaca Youth Bureau Outing Program Climbing 4 Ithaca, NY 1/24/23 Mark Holton, 
31 Adaptive Climbing at the Lindseth Climbing Center Ithaca, NY 2/19/23 Josh Giblin,
32 Monkey Run Trail Clearing Ithaca, NY 4/06/23 Mark Holton, 
33 Stewart Park Waterfront Clean up Ithaca, NY 4/08/20 Mark Holton, 
34 IYB Tree Spring Tree Climbing Ithaca, NY 5/05/23 Mark Holton, 
35 Friends of Hammond Hill Trail Work Ithaca, NY 5/13/23 Mark Holton, 
36 Botanic Gardens Natural Areas Trail Clearing Ithaca, NY 5/14/23 Mark Holton, 
37 Monkey Run Trail Clearing Ithaca, NY 6/10/23 Mark Holton, 
38 Tuesday Summer Cayuga Canoe Ithaca, NY 6/20/23 Ben Blakeley,
39 Cascadilla Masonry Project Ithaca, NY 6/20/23 Mark Holton,
40 Ithaca Youth Bureau Climbing Ithaca, NY 6/29/23 Mark Holton,
41 Reunion Trail Maintenance Ithaca, NY 7/6/23 Mark Holton,
42 Tuesday Summer Cayuga Canoe Ithaca, NY 7/11/23 Ben Blakeley,
43 IYB Fall Tree Climbing Ithaca, NY 9/23-10/23 Mark Holton,
44 Ithaca Youth Bureau Outings Program at HCC Ithaca, NY 10/10/23 Mark Holton,
45 Trail Blazers at the Hoffman Challenge Course Ithaca, NY 10/12/23 Mark Holton,
46 Outdoor Odyssey Trail Service Ithaca, NY 11/11/23 Bridget Neely