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COE 50th Anniversary Reunion

COE 50th Reunion Group Photo


In celebration of 50 years of teamwork, leadership, and growth, COE held a 50th Anniversary Reunion from July 6-9, 2023. More than 150 former students, staff, advisory board members and supporters joined in the festivities, which included hiking, biking, tree climbing, yoga, ropes course adventures, and many more. We began the week with a volunteer trail maintenance project in Monkey Run, and ended with a special event in the Ramin Room, where long-time COE board member, Jon Lindseth, '56, at age 89, climbed to the top of the climbing wall! The feat was followed by the premiere of the COE 50th Anniversary Movie! Special guests included dedicated supporters of COE, Bob Hoffman, '58, and Jay and Julie Carter, both '71.

Long time supporter and founding member of the Cornell Outdoor Education Advisory Board, Jon Lindseth '56, climbs to the top of the Lindseth Climbing Center wall, at age 89, with 200 alumni cheering him on at the COE 50th Anniversary Reunion Celebration.  



Pictures and video of the event are available in an online photo album and on the Oasis of Madness Facebook group.