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COE Course Evaluation

Cornell Outdoor Education Course Evaluation

Thank you for taking a course with COE! This evaluation is a space for you to share your thoughts so that we can continue to improve our courses. If you missed your last day of class, you can provide feedback to your instructors using the form link below.


It should take about 4-7 minutes to complete.  


·         Who should complete this evaluation? All course participants and instructors are encouraged to complete this form.

·         What if I don’t have a phone? Ask a classmate if you can borrow their phone to complete this evaluation or ask a program coordinator to let you fill out the form on a computer.

·         What if a student doesn’t attend the final class? Email them the evaluation to complete.

·         What if I use a screen reader? This form works with screen readers!

·         What if I want to be more creative in my responses? You can upload images on the form!

·         Who will see this information? Only your instructors and program coordinators will see the individual responses. General data will be analyzed and shared with our Board of Directors.

·         How will the information on this form be used? This information will be used to improve programming, develop instructors, and evaluate how well we are meeting our mission with our courses.