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Restorative Spaces

Sage chapel inside

Feeling tired or stressed?  Having a challenging day?  Need to gather your thoughts?

Consider taking a little quiet time for yourself to nourish your spirit and replenish your energy.  When the weather cooperates, there are lovely spaces all over campus to sit quietly.  But when it doesn't, consider dropping by one of the spaces below for a few minutes of quiet contemplation. When you take time for yourself to recharge, you're better able to care for yourself, be kind to others, and make a difference in the world.

Consider these spaces:

  • Anabel Taylor Hall Chapel
  • Interfaith Serenity Rooms for meditation, prayer, and reflection (locations in Mann Library Room 282, Anabel Taylor Room 218 and Olin Library Room B14)
  • Founders Room (ATH 114)
  • Sage Chapel
  • Hindu Prayer Room (ATH 112C next to chapel)
  • Purcell Courtyard between Myron Taylor Hall and Anabel Taylor Hall
  • Muslim students — Muslim Prayer Rooms for men in 121 Anabel Taylor Hall and for women in 123 Anabel Taylor Hall