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Cornell University

North Campus Service Centers

Spring 2020

As the number of students, staff, and faculty remaining on campus dwindles this spring, we're doing our best to maintain services while consolidating where possible to better use staff resources and maintain everyone's safety. 

To that end, we're closing the Appel Commons Service Center, and consolidating North Campus service center operations to the Robert Purcell Community Center. 

For now, the RPCC Service Center will be open 9am-4pm daily.

Residents who have been getting mail and packages at Appel Commons will now be able to pick it up (and access other service center resources) at RPCC. That includes students, faculty-in-residence, and live-in staff in North Campus residence halls, though it does not include residents of Hasbrouck Apartments.

As always, you'll get an e-mail if a mail item or package arrives for you; there's no need to check regularly.

Thanks for your patience as we do our best to keep everything operating smoothly for those members of the Cornell community remaining on and around campus during an extraordinary time.

Appel Service Center

Located in Appel Commons (607) 254-2354
Regular Hours of Operation:
(Hours vary!) Monday-Friday 9am-10pm
Saturday 11am-10pm
Sunday noon-10pm

Provides mail services for residents of:

Balch Hall, Court-Kay-Bauer Hall, Clara Dickson Hall, Latino Living Center, Mews Hall, Multicultural Living Living Learning Unit, Risley Hall

Other services:

Information, key replacement, laundry account, bulk laundry, and dry cleaning services, and other resources.


Robert Purcell Service Center

Located in Robert Purcell Community Center (607) 255-6214

Regular Hours of Operation: 

(Hours vary!) Monday-Friday 9am-midnight 
Saturday 11am-midnight 
Sunday noon-midnight

Provides mail services for residents of: 

Akwe:kon, Donlon Hall, Ecology House, High Rise #5, Holland International Living Center, Just About Music, Jameson Hall, Low Rise #6, Low Rise #7, Townhouse Community, Ujamaa

Other services:

Information, key replacement, laundry account, bulk laundry, and dry cleaning services, billiards rentals, and other resources.

Receiving mail at your service center: You will have a mailbox at your service center that corresponds with your room number. For almost all residents, your on-campus address will be as follows: Your Name, NetID Room Number, Building Ithaca, NY 14853

Please make note of the following exceptions: 
Ecology House: 1 Country Club Road, Room Number, Ithaca NY, 14850 
112 Edgemoor: 112 Edgemoor Lane, Room Number, Ithaca, NY 14850 
Schuyler House: 112 Sage Place, Room Number, Ithaca, NY 14850