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Equity & Belonging Trainings & Workshops

These offerings are currently on hold. Please check back later in the semester.

The Dean of Students’ diversity and inclusion team is thrilled to offer a variety of workshops and trainings on topics related to diversity, equity, inclusion; social justice; allyship and bystander intervention; and identity and belonging. Read below to learn about our core offerings, and how to request a workshop. While these sessions are available to all Cornell community members, priority is given to student groups and student organizations. Please note: while we continue to navigate life and work during COVID-19, these offerings are currently available via zoom only.
If you are looking for a diversity and inclusion workshop that is not addressed in the list below, our office is happy to work with you on a customization.

Please fill out the following form to request a workshop and/or tell us about the workshop you hope to customize. If you have any questions, please contact Kelli King.

Inclusive Language: 1 hour

In this workshop, participants will learn what inclusive language is and why it is important; concepts such as microaggressions, the golden rule and the platinum rule, intent versus impact; the importance of taking feedback; and examples of inclusive language related to many various identities and diversity and inclusion content areas. The presentation includes a variety of modalities: PowerPoint slides, small group discussion, short video clips, individual reflection, and large group share-out. 

The Importance of Gender Pronouns: 1 hour

This workshop is designed to offer a deeper dive into inclusive language, specifically addressing gender pronouns. The presentation will include an overview of what gender pronouns are, how to use them and ask for them, and opportunities to practice and ask questions of facilitators.

LGBTQ+ Foundations: 2-3 hours

This interactive workshop will provide participants with foundational knowledge of the LGBTQ+ community. Topics covered in this workshop include terminology, a review of common LGBTQ+ college experiences, building LGBTQ+ inclusive spaces, an introduction to community resources, and actionable steps for allyship. This workshop can be tailored to the needs of your group regarding times and content.

Cycle of Socialization: 90 minutes

This introductory level workshop introduces the concepts of socialization, social identities (including the concept of agent and target identities), oppression, and the continuous nature of socialization as a system. Participants will learn key terms and concepts, and be invited to reflect on their own socialization process and identities. The presentation includes a variety of modalities: PowerPoint slides, short video clips, small group discussion, individual worksheet reflection, and large group share-out.

Creating an Inclusive Campus Environment: Skills and Practice: 2.5 - 3 hours

This in-depth workshop is designed to take diversity education from theory to practice. Participants will examine their potential unconscious biases and implicit assumptions, explore the skills necessary to be an active ally, identify the obstacles that stop them from being an active bystander, and add communication tools to their toolbox. This highly interactive workshop includes PowerPoint presentation, short video clips, activities, small group work, scenarios, and role plays.

Interfaith Ally Training: 1.5 hours

Is yoga associated with a religion? Why do some religious people wear head coverings? Do Christians and Jews use the same Bible? Are all religions anti-sex? Learn the answers to these and more questions in the Interfaith Ally Training. This workshop is designed to introduce students to the “interfaith triangle” as a framework for engaging across worldview differences. Through a mix of presentation, small group conversation, and personal reflection, students will be invited to grow in religious literacy and develop skills to navigate relationships with fellow community members who identify with religious/ethical traditions other than their own.

Anti-Racism & Actions Towards Allyship: 2 - 2.5 hours

This workshop will explore the role of allies in anti-racist, social justice work. We’ll discuss privilege, and how to move beyond it. Facilitators will engage participants in critical dialogue about their individual experiences with race, identify obstacles that stop them from being an active bystander, and highlight strategies to foster greater inclusivity and antiracism efforts. This session consists of mini-lectures, interactive exercises, short video clips, scenarios, and facilitated discussion.

Advocacy and Self-Care: 1 hour

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” —Audre Lorde

As a student leader, you have many demands on your time and energy but how can you be your best if you are exerting all of your energy advocating for change and supporting others. This workshop explores why self-care is vital for self-preservation and social justice work. Through personal reflection, group discussions, and scenarios, we will identify barriers and strategies to practicing self-care. 

Using Your Strengths to Decode the Hidden Curriculum: 1.5 hours

As a first-generation college student, upon entering college, you will encounter new terminology, university functions, unwritten expectations, and social norms that may make you feel like an outsider. This workshop explores how the institutional culture and social networks of the university influence your academic success and sense of belonging. Through personal reflection, group discussion, and scenarios, we will identify barriers and strategies to leverage your personal and community strengths to decode the hidden curriculum of higher education.  This workshop can be tailored for audience members who want to create more inclusive spaces in support of first-generation and other historically minitorized student communities.