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Asian & Asian American Center (A3C)

Asian & Asian American Center

The Asian & Asian American Center (A3C) brings together the rich diversity of Asian and Asian American student experiences to support a strong and inclusive campus community.
The Asian & Asian American Center is a second home for Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, and bi/multiracial undergraduate and graduate/professional students, allies, families and friends. It is a place that cares for them, advocates for them, celebrates them, and promotes their academic and personal success at Cornell University and beyond. The A3C is also the home of over 75 undergraduate and graduate student organizations and serves as a community center and gathering space for students, staff, and faculty. All are welcome in the center!

  • A​dvocacy
    Serve as an advocate for students. Advise on issues that affect the community and offer guidance on specific issues as they arise.
  • Education
    Provide resources and conduct educational workshops and trainings for the campus.
  • Identity
    Foster space for students to explore their multiple and intersecting identities.
  • Community
    Connect and collaborate with students, staff and faculty to build a campus that serves as a second home for Asian and Asian American students.

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