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Freshman Forum

Welcome to the Meinig Family Cornell National Scholars (MFCNS) first year student experience – Freshman Forum. 

Forum is a way for students to get introduced to what it means to be a Meinig Scholar; how to get the most out of membership; how to meet the expectations of leadership; and get to know people within and outside the organization who can help you during your Cornell journey. 

Freshman Forum is a required activity for all freshmen and occurs throughout the 2020-2021 academic year.  Full participation in Forum activities along with maintaining at least a 2.7 cumulative GPA allows you to remain a member in good standing and move into your sophomore year as a continuing Meinig Scholar, with all rights and benefits.

There will be a series of sessions which will include some individual work, some opportunities for interaction with others, and some on-line assignments. Fall semester will serve as an introduction; spring semester will delve more specifically into what we mean when we say Meinig Scholars are leaders, in service to the community.

If you find completion of Freshman Forum a challenge at any time, you should be in touch with Kris DeLuca, Director, immediately.  Membership in Meinig is a privilege reserved for a select few – and that is you!  We therefore will try to work with you to help you be successful in this program. 

Kris is available by calling 607-255-8595 (leave a message and someone will return your call) or through email at  Communication is key, so stay in touch.