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Meinig Scholars are members of a select group, representing less than two percent of the University's undergraduate population. Scholars come to know that their time at Cornell is a journey.

As a Meinig Scholar, you have the opportunity to take advantage of some of the following benefits:

  • Leadership Support Account
    Meinig Scholars have access to up to $3,500 over their undergraduate Cornell career to cover the costs of their participation in internships and other experiential opportunities such as alternative breaks trips designed to expose students to leadership activities.
  • Loan Replacement
    Meinig Scholars receive up to $4,000 per year to replace need-based student loans, depending on financial aid eligibility. This loan replacement comes with the honor of the Meinig Family Cornell National Scholarship and access to our donors, Nancy Meinig, one of our original benefactors, along with other members of the Meinig family, through program-sponsored events.
  • Executive Mentoring Program
    Meinig Scholars develop long-term mentoring relationships with university administrators that often extend well past graduation. Past mentors have included university presidents, provosts, deans, and directors. They enjoy getting to know their Meinig Scholars personally, sharing a lifetime of leadership experience. Mentors regularly organize informal outings with their students including anything from dinner to rock climbing. 
  • Freshman Forum
    All freshman Meinig Scholars are expected to participate in this year-long experience. During the first semester, students are engaged in teambuilding and educational initiatives intended to foster identity as a community of leaders. During the second semester, students examine and address an issue of relevance to the Cornell community in the form of a group project. In working with Cornell administrators to achieve this end, Meinig Scholars simultaneously hone their leadership and communication skills while affecting positive change. 
  • Executive Board
    Meinig Scholars can apply to be members of the Executive Board annually. The Board works with the program director to sponsor leadership, social, and educational opportunities for MFCNS students. Executive Board members also advise the MFCNS staff on areas of interest to Scholars and serve as ambassadors of the program. 
  • MFCNS Online
    MFCNS maintains an up-to-date, interactive website at Additionally, weekly email messages via MFCNS-L will help keep students current on program happenings, as well as special opportunities unique to members. 
  • Connect with a Community of Leaders
    Relationships Scholars develop with one another and with the Scholars who came before them add richness to the MFCNS experience. Social networking, visits from alumni, and special events promote connections between students and alumni who have lived the Cornell experience and have applied it to the world beyond.
  • Invite-only Events
    Students have the opportunity to participate in invite-only events held on Cornell’s campus. In past years, this has included guest presentations on basic financial literacy fundamentals and Gallup StrengthsFinder, an assessment tool to identify leadership strengths.  Each year, alumni return to campus and meet with students one-on-one and in small groups to talk about their careers.
  • Winter service trip
    Students have the opportunity to participate in an annual winter service trip. Past trips have been to: 1) Nicaragua to volunteer at a rural sustainable tourism organization, 2) Pittsburgh to volunteer with organizations focused on food insecurity, and 3) New Orleans to volunteer with, an organization dedicated to rebuilding the lower ninth ward, which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
  • The Cornell Commitment Showcase
    This  virtual fall event brings together freshmen from all three Cornell Commitment programs to learn from upperclassmen who have engaged in research, service, and internships at Cornell and around the world. 

Please refer to the Policies page for information on how to receive the benefits associated with the special designation of MFCNS.