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Executive Mentors

The MFCNS Executive Mentoring program is an opportunity for all Meinig Scholars to develop long-term relationships with upper-level university administrators that often extend well past graduation. Mentors are assigned between 12 and 15 students whom they get to interact with throughout the academic year.  We strive for at least 2 meetings per semester.  Mentors enjoy getting to know their Meinig Scholars personally during informal gatherings – including such things as dinner, bowling, rock climbing, and ice skating—sharing a lifetime of leadership experience while having a good time!  Activities are coordinated through a student liaison and are determined based on the interests of the group.  It’s a way for students to get to know the leaders of our institution up close and personal.  It’s a way for the administrators to get to know students and hear your voice on current issues of the day.Meinig Scholars sign up at the beginning of each academic year they wish to participate.  Scholars can elect to stay with their same mentor over the course of their Cornell career to maximize their relationship OR switch each year to maximize their understanding of varying leadership positions and styles.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by sign up today!