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MFCNS Forms and Guidelines

MFCNS Support Account Request Forms

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Funds are disbursed through a system outside of The Cornell Commitment. Students who have been approved for funding should expect to receive an email from with instructions to fill out an ACH Authorization Form. Prompt completion of the form will dictate how quickly funds will become available.  

Please refer to the following directions: 

For domestic individuals -  

For international (non-US) individuals -

If you have not seen anything within a week after receiving approval, please contact the Cornell Commitment, 607-255-8595. 

Please keep in mind that receipt of these funds will typically be reported to the IRS by Cornell. AND these funds MAY impact eligibility for federal student loans or work-study funding in the upcoming academic year. Any questions regarding taxation must be directed to your own tax preparer/advisor.  Any questions about the impact on financial aid should be directed to

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