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Cornell University

Carol Tatkon Center for First-Year Students

The Carol Tatkon Center is a support & resource center for first-year students. The Tatkon Center is staffed by friendly upper-level students eager to share their experience and help you make a smooth transition to campus life. Let us help you figure out university life – classes, jobs, academics, making friends. We work here because we want to help make your first year the absolute best it can be! We provide special programs and weekly academic and personal support services throughout the academic year. Think of us as your home base and discovery center!

The Tat is conveniently situated in historic Balch Hall on north campus, and open more than 75 hours each week.

Hours: M-Th: 8am-11pm; F: 8am-5:30pm; Sun: 3pm-11pm

Tatkon Center Students Posing on a Bridge