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Guide to 2022 - 2023 Housing for Upper-level Students

Housing Selection Process

While the application processes for Program Houses and serving as an RA begin this fall, the sign-up period for other on-campus housing does not start until January 2022.

Rising sophomores are guaranteed on-campus housing next year, and are required to live on-campus or in approved affiliated housing.  Read the residential policy for details. The on-campus housing options for upper-level students include residence halls, Program Houses, and cooperative houses. It is important that you do not sign a lease for an off-campus apartment, as you will be expected to live in on-campus housing.

Rising juniors and seniors may feel pressure to sign a lease for an off-campus apartment, but there’s no need to rush. There will still be apartments available in spring semester 2022, with plenty of time to sign a lease. The Office of Off-Campus Living offers many resources.


October - Apply for Resident Advisor (RA) positions - Choose any one of 18 info sessions. Applications are due Monday, November 15, 2021 at 9:00am ET (extended from November 12). View the application.

October 30, 2021, 2:30pm - 5:00pm  Housing Expo in Barton Hall - Open to all undergraduate students. Learn about all the housing options for the 2022 - 2023 academic year.

November 13, 2021 1:00 - 5:00pm Co-op Mosey Open House about openings in University-owned co-ops for spring semester

November 15, 2021 at 9:00am Deadline to apply to be a Resident Advisor (RA)

November 30, 2021 Program House applications due (for those seeking priority consideration). Application is in the Housing Portal.

Mid-January 2022 Residential Application for 2022-2023 academic year opens. All rising sophomores are required to complete the Residential Application, and rising juniors and seniors who wish to apply for on-campus housing must also complete it. Due February 28, 2022.

The Residential Application serves three purposes:

  • If you wish to select a room during General Room Selection, this application registers you for that process.

  • If you plan to live in University-approved affiliated housing, use the application to identify the property you will be residing in to fulfill the residential requirement.
  • If you wish to be exempt from the residential requirement, use this application to request an individual exemption. 

February 1, 2022 - Program House application closes

February 13, 2022 from 1:00-5:00pm - Co-op Mosey (open houses at Cooperative Houses)

February 21, 2022 - February 23, 2022 - Upper-Level Continued Occupancy for West Campus, South Campus, and Program Houses. Contact your House Assistant Dean or Residence Hall Director for information about the process.

February 28, 2022 - Residential Application for 2022-2023 academic year closes

March 2, 2022 - Room Selection timeslots issued by email

March 7 - 9, 2022 - General Room Selection

March 10- 20, 2022 - Wait List Application (for students who did not participate in room selection)

Beginning April 1, 2022 - Rising juniors and seniors are not guaranteed housing, but those who did not participate in any of this spring’s housing processes may apply for on-campus housing beginning April 1. Housing assignments will be made in mid-July based on availability. Application is in the Housing Portal.

Benefits of living on campus:
  • Room blocking (with up to five of your friends)

  • Faculty interaction
  • Convenience to classes, Cornell Dining eateries and all that campus has to offer
  • A housing license for the academic year rather than a 12-month lease
  • You (and you alone) sign your license; don’t worry about roommate leases and liabilities
  • Pay through your bursar bill, with all utilities included. No payment due until August 2022
  • Safety and security  - our residential buildings are well-lit, secure with either key or card access, and have staff members living on-site (in all buildings except for the co-ops)

Factors when living off-campus:            

Apartments - Every landlord sets their terms independently. Most leases do not include utilities or furniture. Be aware that some landlords may require payments as soon as you sign your lease. Your lease with a landlord is a binding contract between you and that business; the university is not involved in any questions or changes that may come up. You must work directly with the landlord.

Greek Life – Fraternities, sororities and multicultural organizations have separate recruitment processes and options for housing. In most cases the housing terms and payments are completely separate from the university. In a few cases the billing is processed by the university as a service to the Greek organization.