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Affiliated Chaplaincies

Our Affiliated Chaplaincies

The following groups are united through the CURW Covenant. See Meet the CURW Chaplains for individual contact information.


Catholic Community (Roman)

The Cornell Catholic Community is a year round Roman Catholic parish on Cornell's central campus serving students as its primary mission, as well as faculty, staff and others who wish to affiliate.


Cornell Hillel

The Yudowitz Center for Jewish Campus Life creates a vibrant, pluralistic Jewish community on the campus of Cornell University. Respect for individual and collective approaches to Judaism is a cornerstone of Cornell Hillel. Hillel is the gateway for Cornell's 3,500 Jewish students to get involved in a variety of cultural, social, spiritual, community service, and outdoor programs across campus. Hillel's Jewish Student Union serves as a diverse coalition of 26 student groups, and Hillel's professional staff encourage students to be an important part of our dynamic community where students, faculty and staff actively participate in creating a broadly defined Jewish campus culture. From social to cultural, religious to secular, Cornell Hillel offers a wide spectrum of opportunities to students interested in participating in or exploring their own unique Jewishness.


The Roitman Chabad Center at Cornell

The Roitman Chabad Center at Cornell is one of 3,300 Chabad Houses throughout the world serving one single purpose: to be a resource for Jewish learning; community service; outreach to local communities. Chabad at Cornell specializes in providing a unique approach to Jewish spirituality making it accessible to members of the Cornell's Jewish community—both students and faculty—regardless of levels of knowledge or observance. At Chabad House, we focus on one-on-one relationships, responding in whatever way is necessary to each individual. We welcome every Jewish resident and visitor at Cornell. Chabad House offers Shabbat observance with Friday night services and dinner and Saturday morning services and a lavish Shabbat lunch. All Jewish holidays are observed both at Chabad House and on campus.

Chabad at Cornell finds its emphasis on education in the worldwide Chabad-Lubavitch movement.  Chabad is an acronym for the Hebrew words Chochmah (wisdom), Binah (understanding) and Da'at (knowledge).  Lubavitch in Russian means a city of love.  Its founders based its ideology on the idea that deep inside we're all carved of the same spiritual fabric.  Today, Chabad is a lifeline for Jews seeking deeper spiritual connection through study, religious guidance, and spiritual mentor-ship.  We offer classes and/or individual study in Torah. Talmud, Kabbalah, and many related topics in both English and Hebrew.

On a personal level, any student with an individual issue or problem is sure to find learned and sympathetic Rabbis and their wives at Chabad House who are never too busy to listen and help.

National Education Day USA, commemorated by both the President and Congress every years since 1985, was established in honor of Chabad Lubavitch and Rabbi Menachem Medel Schneerson of blessed memory and bears witness to the central role of education at Chabad and its positive influence on ethical values in the wider community.

Chabad at Cornell is proud to be a link in this historic chain and proud to be of service to the Cornell Community.


Chesterton House - A Center for Christian Studies

Chesterton House - A Center for Christian Studies is a community of Christian students and scholars that exists "to facilitate the discovery of the intellectual riches of the historic Christian faith."  We accomplish this through 1) public lectures and other events; 2) residential living learning centers for both men and women; and 3) accredited courses.  We partner not only with churches and other campus ministries but also with Cornell faculty and academic departments.  Over 5,000 students and other members of the Cornell community participate in our various programs each year, and the number of audio file downloads from our website is approaching 500,000.  All in the spirit of British humorist, G.K. Chesterton—"daring to discuss the important and the amusing."

Christian Science 

Through regular testimony meetings, Christian Science lectures, and other activities, the Christian Science Organization at Cornell University shares with the University community the spiritual truths of Christian Science as found in The Bible and in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. We strive to elevate the level of thinking in the academic community to a better apprehension of moral and spiritual values and of God's healing power, and we provide support and encouragement for all those at the University who wish to practice Christian Science in their daily lives. Anyone at Cornell may use the materials in our small reading room (319 Anabel Taylor Hall) to learn more about Christian Science. The room key is kept in our mailbox in the reception office on the first floor.


CRU Cornell 

"Becoming a family on a mission"

Becoming - we believe that all of us are on a spiritual journey, and that God does not call us to arrive at some perfect place as much as He calls us to pursue Him wholeheartedly and to love Him more than anything else. We seek to be a people in process of growing in our knowledge of God, our love for Him, and our commitment to furthering His kingdom.

Family - God has called us to be His family, brothers and sisters whose lives demonstrate his love for one another, and who seek to build and encourage one another in our relationships with Christ. We are called to be an inclusive family, valuing the differences between us and seeing in them the Lord's gracious gift for one another. We seek to build our sense of family through small groups, social events, retreats and conferences, and an ongoing spirit of spurring one another on toward Christ.

Mission - God has called us to bring the message of His love for the world in Jesus Christ to all people, sharing with them and inviting them to enter into a relationship with Him through faith. We desire for every student at Cornell University and Ithaca College to hear and understand the message of Christianity about God's love for us in Christ, and are committed to pursuing that.


Episcopal (Anglican) 

A diverse group of seekers and believers enjoy sharing the adventure/challenge of Christian faith, grounded in Scripture and celebrating within a dynamic tradition. Committed to Christian hospitality, we seek to respect the dignity of every human being.


First Ithaca Chinese Christian Church

The First Ithaca Chinese Christian Church (FICCC) is a small church that serves a lot of people. We have two congregations. The English Congregation members are mostly English-speaking or bilingual students born or raised in North America. The Chinese Congregation has lots of Mandarin-speaking and Cantonese-speaking seekers and believers from overseas - China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, etc. We welcome people of all ethnicities and we have a variety of fellowship groups that meet in various locations in town and use one or multiple languages.


Hindu Student Council

The Hindu Students Council of Cornell University [HSC] will practice, promote and strive to learn about Hindu culture and ideals. By doing such, HSC will foster a community centered on the principles of Sanatan Dharma. Our mission is to awaken people to the vast wisdom inherent within our scriptural, cultural and religious heritage.


International Students, Inc.

International Students, Inc. (ISI) exists to share Christ’s love with international students. ISI has ministries on over 200 campuses in the US. At Cornell, ISI partners with Cornell International Christian Fellowship (CICF) which meets each Friday evening at Crossroads Life Center. CICF is a place for Christian internationals to find Christian fellowship and encouragement in their faith as well as a place for internationals from non-Christian background to investigate the Christian faith in a welcoming, non-threatening environment. ISI also offers Conversational English classes on Thursday mornings at Crossroads Life Center. In addition, ISI provides American friendship partner families and Conversational Partners for international students and scholars.


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is an evangelical campus mission serving students and faculty nationwide and at Cornell since 1941.  A growing movement, InterVarsity now has chapters on 576 campuses and includes four chapters here at Cornell: Cornell Christian Fellowship (multi-ethnic chapter), Asian American IV (pan-Asian chapter), Greek IV (serving the fraternities and sororities on campus), and Graduate Christian Fellowship.  Our purpose is to establish and advance witnessing communities where students and faculty are transformed by the good news about Jesus so that the campus is renewed and world changers are developed.  Our investigative small group Bible studies are open to all curious people and are places where anyone can belong before they believe and ask big questions in order to gain their own adult opinion about Jesus.  We offer student leadership training, three conferences per year, and a spring break trip to New York City focusing on ending sex trafficking, homelessness and educational inequality.  We want every Christian student to learn how to lead and be able to share the good news about Jesus in relevant ways and understand how it connects to every area of human endeavor.  We exist for all those who are not in our group, to make Cornell a thriving campus with better systems, structures, community and curricula so that it will provide the solutions to the worlds biggest problems and the visionary leaders the world so desperately needs.


Korean Church 

We are a body of Christians who desire to worship our God in spirit and in truth and to grow as a loving community. All are welcome!


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Religious classes and service and social opportunities for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and any others who are attracted to our way of life.


Lutheran Church

The St. Luke Lutheran Church and its Lutheran Campus Ministry involves a full range of people, ages, and ministries. Undergrads and graduate students, faculty, and staff from five campuses plus people from the larger Ithaca community, including retirees and babies, share in multiple worship services (10:45 am and 5:00 pm), education, forums and church school, community outreach and service opportunities, plus fellowship activities. A campus ministry steering committee, composed of students, plans and oversees regular and special student ministries. Located at 109 Oak Avenue in Collegetown—right behind CTB—we are here to share God's Grace.


Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod)

We are students—both undergrad and graduate—who are exploring the Christian faith as professed by Lutherans and others, who are firmly rooted in the areas of our faith which were emphasized during the Reformation: a devotion to Scripture, and living by grace through faith in Christ. We find rest and strength by receiving forgiveness, growing in faith and nurturing genuine relationships through the divine worship service—usually celebrated Sunday’s at 10:30 AM at Trinity Lutheran Church. Various Bible studies are offered each Sunday and throughout the week, both virtual and in person. Pastor Rob Foote and other folks at Trinity with University connections always make time to meet with students individually or in small groups. The emphasis of our spiritual life is built around the spiritual emphases in the early church (Acts 2:42). Inspired by the call to “loving service,” we are also helping to coordinate a major benevolent/service event taking place at Cornell in the fall of 2021, the Feed My Starving Children Ithaca Mobile Pack.


Muslim (MECA)

The Muslim Educational and Cultural Association represents Muslims students, staff and faculty of Cornell and the Ithaca and Tompkins County community. MECA organizes daily prayers, weekly Friday services, and lectures, gatherings and outings year-round. It works, moreover, to educate the community at large about Islam and Muslims.


New Life Presbyterian

In addition to encouraging students to invest in Christian fellowship groups on campus, New Life Presbyterian Church offers students the opportunity to engage in the life of the Church, a relationship that we hope will endure for the rest of their lives.At New Life Presbyterian Church we invite everyone in our community to love and follow Jesus Christ. Because our greatest joy is found in Him, we deeply desire to:

  • To Worship God: in public and private. We purpose to be his sons and daughters who adore him as Father adopted into his family by grace through Jesus Christ our Savior.

  • To Know God: through knowledge and through nurture. We purpose to be a loving community of brothers and sisters helping one another toward healing and maturity in Christ as we apply the truth and wisdom of God's Word to every area of our life.
  • To Serve God: in the church and in the community. We purpose to serve one another and our city through the power and gifting of the Holy Spirit as we demonstrate the truth of God's love through Christ-like acts of mercy and justice.

Orthodox Christian Fellowship

The Cornell Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) is a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students who seek to know and serve Christ and His Holy Church through worship, fellowship, community service, study and evangelism. The OCF meets each Wednesday from 7:00 -8:30 pm in the Edward's Room of Anabel Taylor Hall for fellowship, food, and discussion.  Morning prayers are held once a week as well. There are also service projects, retreats, social events and our lecture series throughout the semester. The Cornell OCF invites everyone to participate in our services and activities.

There are two local parishes that offer Sunday Divine Liturgy. Holy Apostles Orthodox Church, located at the corner of Ridge Rd. (Rt. 34B) and Myers Rd. in the town of Lansing, begins at 9:00 am, and also St. Catherine Greek Orthodox Church, located at 120 West Seneca Street in Ithaca past the Commons, beginning at 10:00 am. If you would like to attend service and need a ride, are interested in OCF, or have any questions about OCF, please contact the OCF.


Protestant Cooperative Ministry (United Methodist-Presbyterian)

Protestant Cooperative Ministry is a campus ministry program sponsored by the United Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church (USA), the United Church of Christ and the American Baptist Church. Regular programs include Sunday morning worship and opportunities for fellowship, education and service for graduate and undergraduate students.


Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

Ithaca Friends Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends welcomes all to worship with us. Membership is not required. A Meeting for Worship after the manner of Friends is a period of meditative worship. In silence we seek to place ourselves in the presence of the Spirit in expectant waiting for guidance from the Inner Light. Meetings for Worship last approximately one hour and are "broken" by handshakes initiated by the Clerk or other designated person.

From the first Sunday in October to Memorial Day, Meeting for Worship is at 11:00 am on First Days (Sundays) in the Edwards Room on the ground floor of Anabel Taylor Hall on the Cornell campus. From Memorial Day through September, Meeting for Worship is at 10:30 am on First Days in the Hector Meetinghouse on the Perry City Road. (Perry City Road is off Rt. 96 northwest of Ithaca about four miles past the hospital. The Meetinghouse is about one mile west (left) off Rt. 96. 


Tibetan Buddhist

In 1992, Namgyal Monastery began an important new chapter in the history of Buddhism and Tibetan culture in America. Monks from the monastery traveled from Dharamsala, India to Ithaca, New York to establish an actual branch of Namgyal Monastery in North America. The monastery's intellectual and sacred arts practices will be continued in conjunction with a new Institute of Tibetan Buddhist Studies.


Unification Fellowship

The Unification Fellowship was established at Cornell University in 1985 to serve the Unification Church community here. We encourage spiritual formation and cognitive understanding of the practices and teachings of the Unification Church through friendship, study, group discussions and one-on-one dialogue. All are welcome to our meetings and activities. In addition to Cornell students, the local faith community has grown to include students attending Ithaca College and families living in the Ithaca area.

Our ministry focus is an informal weekly worship service where we read and discuss texts sacred to the Unification tradition in addition to scriptures of the world’s major religious traditions. This is usually followed by a dish-to-pass noontime meal with good food as well as lively and interesting conversation!

We also seek ways to serve the larger community as a means to increase understanding and love for all people. We encourage personal character development, especially as it relates to preparation for marriage, centered on faith in God. We strive to teach the ideal of individuals of moral character coming together in marriage to create families where God can dwell.



Religious growth and learning within our Unitarian Universalist congregation is a life-long search for inner peace and universal truths supported by a tolerant, diverse, and serving community.

To empower individuals to think critically, act ethically, live with integrity, and respect self and others.To encourage an understanding of the world's religions, cultures, and traditions.To build a trusting and supportive environment as the foundation for a stimulating, intergenerational community.To embrace our Unitarian Universalist heritage while sustaining and enriching personal beliefs, rituals, and religious traditions.To foster and share an exploration of the mystery and celebration of life through experiences and learning within our Unitarian Universalist community.The Unitarian Universalist Student and Young Adult Group meets on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm in the Cafe at Anabel Taylor Hall. All are invited to join them.


Vineyard Church of Ithaca

The Vineyard is a group of people who are committed to God and to experiencing the reality of His presence in our lives. We believe in a loving God who desires to express His heart to people by bringing healing and wholeness to their lives, in body, soul and spirit.

The Vineyard movement is an association of churches with shared values, beliefs, and goals. It emphasizes a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ in a relaxed, non-religious way. Theologically, it is evangelical, while experientially, the Vineyard expects the supernatural in spiritual gifts.


Zen Buddhist

The Cornell Zen Meditation Group is a branch of the Ithaca Zen Center, which is located in Danby, about six miles south of campus.  

Practice is held during fall/spring semester every Monday and Wednesday from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. in the Founders Room of Anabel Taylor Hall. Prior sitting experience or attendance of a brief orientation session recommended. Please contact for more information or to schedule an orientation.

Other Partnerships

Center for Transformative Action (CTA)The Center for Transformative Action (CTA), established in 1971 as the social justice arm of CURW, is an independent 501(c)3 affiliated with Cornell University. CTA helps create communities that are social just, ecologically sound, and work for everyone. We do this by providing educational programs and fiscal sponsorship services to innovative social change initiatives. These projects work to transform the structures as well as the habits of mind that produce inequities in our communities, country and the world. CTA’s core offices are located in Anabel Taylor Hall, along with four of our projects: the Committee for US-Latin American Relations (CUSLAR), the Durland Alternatives LibraryPrisoner Express, and Anabel’s Grocery