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Signature Programs

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Programs to support your spiritual growth and exploration

Since its inception, CURW has provided a variety of programs and projects that stimulate and expand the religious imagination of Cornell students, faculty and staff. The Office of Spirituality and Meaning-Making (OSMM) has built upon this great tradition by creating new programs and expanding the reach of existing programs to a broader audience. Some of these programs have been developed and sustained by generous benefactors, while others are collaborative efforts between OSMM and various university departments. Each program is open to the entire university community and the general public. 

Care Groups

Care Groups are on pause for Fall 2023. Contact Joel Harter for more information. 

Care Groups are non-judgmental spaces for students to support each other and to engage in deeper conversations around faith, meaning, and spirituality. Some groups are religious, and some are open to nonreligious spirituality.

Are you looking to meet new people for deeper conversation? 
Are you looking for a safe space to explore meaning, purpose, faith, or spirituality? A space where diverse views, questions, and doubts are welcome, and no one has all the answers?

Join a Care Group, connect with a caring group of fellow students, and find support for your spiritual and social well-being.
Care Groups are chaplain- or staff-facilitated community groups where any student, religious or nonreligious, can learn, practice, and explore.

The length, frequency, and audience for each group vary. Some groups are more religious, some are not religious, and some are intended primarily for members of a particular tradition.

Care Groups are not intended to be spaces for proselytizing or converting people to a particular point of view. They are communities that welcome diverse experiences and perspectives, creating space for each member to share and make meaning from their own experience. All care group participants are encouraged to speak from their own experience and to respect the experiences of others.

Interfaith at Cornell

Interfaith at Cornell includes everyone… whether you are religious, spiritual, or nonreligious, and wherever you are on your individual journey. We create spaces to connect, explore, share, listen, and question together. 
Cornell University is a vibrant and global multifaith community with individuals from all major world religions and over 40 religious, spiritual, and secular student organizations. The Office of Spirituality and Meaning-Making works with the student-led Interfaith Council at Cornell to create opportunities for interfaith learning and friendship. Interfaith Council at Cornell

The Interfaith Council at Cornell seeks to create opportunities for interfaith dialogue and friendship and to support religious and spiritual life on campus that encourages shared understanding and celebration of our differences. The Interfaith Council is also the funding organization for religious and spiritual clubs on campus, with additional funds available to support collaborative interfaith events and underrepresented and underserved communities at Cornell. 
Want to get involved? Have a question about club funding? Email the Council at

Interfaith Coordinators

Our team of student Interfaith Coordinators develop skills together as interfaith leaders on campus. They learn how to facilitate conversations around religion, spirituality, and meaning-making, and they work with the Interfaith Council at Cornell to create events and programs that support interfaith friendship and learning for Cornell students. 

Ivy Breivogel to learn more.  

Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration

The annual Commemoration is a cross-campus and community partnership that makes accessible the life and legacy of Dr. King for contemporary times. Learn more about last year’s MLK Commemoration

Soup & Hope

During the winter months, we gather in the historic Sage Chapel to enjoy good soup and to hear stories of resilience and hope from members of the Cornell University community. Learn more about last year's Soup and Hope here.

Lessons and Carols 

The Music Department and Cornell United Religious Work host Lessons and Carols every December in Sage Chapel. The event features the University Chorus and Glee Club with biblical and other readings presented by members of the Cornell community. Read more about last year's program here.