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Come See Us at the Tatkon Center

Tatkon Center Students

From all of us @ the Tatkon Center:
Discover how we help fast track your knowledge of campus!

We are excited to meet you! Come find us on the first floor of the Robert Purcell Community Center (RPCC) on North Campus. We occupy a suite of rooms and our Info Desk is in 101, directly across from Bear Necessities. All visitors get a free Cornell lanyard! Visit us Sunday - Thursday, 3pm-11pm, starting Monday, February 7.

The Tatkon Center was created for you!  We are staffed by a team of students coming from Cornell's many colleges and majors, all eager to answer your questions, help you make connections on campus, and tell you about the many resources and opportunities here for you. We'll give you the student perspective on campus life and how to make the most of your time at Cornell. Watch for our weekly e-newsletter which you will be automatically subscribed to, and check out our events and services, including our free peer tutoring, buddies program, and study rooms.

Discover Tatkon!

In addition to informal peer advising and guidance, Tatkon's many programs throughout the year foster academic and career exploration, personal growth, health and well-being, student connectedness, and interaction with faculty and older student mentors. Visit our Help Desk at RPCC where you can chat with our super friendly student staff.  From feeling homesick to sorting out the best dining options, ask us anything! Join in our themed Tat Chats that cover everything from exploring campus to exploring Ithaca. We are here to informally advise and share our knowledge to make your first year the best it can be. Check out our student staff profiles and connect with us through our Tat Buddies Program. Get paired with a Tatkon Center staff member and check in throughout the term for informal support and mentoring. Joining Tat Buddies can help you feel less isolated and fast track your knowledge of Cornell! Tap into their experience to make the most of yours! Class of 2025 and 2024 may request a Buddy here. Join us for Wellness Wednesdays, a weekly fun, relaxing health and wellness evening event. Come to Tatkon for free peer tutoring in math, chemistry, economics, and writing. Visit our cozy study places close to home or drop in for a study break. Join Calling All Pianists and come play our Steinway grand piano or just come to listen Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm. We also have a campus printer in our Reception area.

Take advantage of free, drop-in peer tutoring @ Tatkon.
Start dates could be delayed if quarantine/isolation requirements cause staffing shortages.

Chemistry tutoring (tentative start date is Feb 13)
Sunday, 4-7pm, RPCC 103
more info @

Math 1110/1120 Study Group (tentative start date is Feb 7)
Sunday, 7:30-9:45pm, RPCC 105
Monday, 7:30-9:45pm, RPCC 105

Math Support Center (online then in-person @ Tatkon starting Feb 9)
Wednesday, 7:30-9:45pm, RPCC 103
Thursday, 7:30-9:45pm, RPCC 105

Economics Tutoring Center (tentative start date is Feb 8)
Sunday, 7:30-9:30pm, RPCC 103
Tuesday, 7:30-9:30pm, RPCC 103

Writing Center (tentative start date is Feb 8)
Sunday, 7-10pm, RPCC 103
Tuesday, 7-10pm, RPCC 103
Thursday, 7-10pm, RPCC 103

Join Tat Buddies

Tatkon Buddies Program

Join Tat Buddies and fast track your knowledge of Cornell! Get paired with a Tatkon Center staff member and check in throughout the term for informal support and mentoring. Tap into their experience to make the most of yours. Benefit from the perspective of those a few years ahead in their Cornell journey. Be better informed and more connected! Ask about navigating courses, study tips, organizations, minors, balancing work and play, research opportunities, iconic Cornell classes. Ask anything!
Open to all first years, transfers, and Class of 2024.

Request a match!

Come to a Tat Chat!

Whether it's your first semester or second, your first on campus, or you're a transfer, Tatkon is designed for you. Visit our Help Desk, meet our staff and ask anything.
Drop in for an informal themed Tat Chat, conversations on everything from the best campus dining options to advice for getting involved in research. Watch for Spring 2022 topics in our weekly e-newsletter and here on our site. These chats run very informally and you'll get a chance to ask anything. Join us on some comfy chairs and couches in our RPCC 101 reception/info desk area for as little or long as you like. You can even email us your topic ideas:
Days and times vary.
All are welcome from the Class of 2025 and 2024. Watch our weekly e-newsletter for our broad-ranging, changing topics.

Past Tat Chat Topics 

Tat Chats

Engineering Prelims, Work Life Balance, Around the Globe, Hiking Trails Near and Far, Finding Opportunities in the Social Sciences, Starting your own online project or business while trapped at home, Designing Confidence, Navigating Life Sciences Classes, Have you been listening to any good music lately? Brag About Your Hometown! Hidden gems on campus, Navigating A&S and the Humanities, Navigating Life Sciences Courses, Trains, Planes, and Automobiles: Getting Home for Out-of-State Students, Professional Development: Online Networking 101, Write like Shakespeare, Still looking for Orgs to Join? Binge + Dinge, All Things ILR! Wondering about your Major: Arts and Sciences, Discovering Minors, Figuring Out Studying @ Home, Technology Industry Crash Course, What are you thankful for? Careers in Biology, International Interactions,  Saving & Budgeting: College Edition, Summer Research Programs, What to do in an Ithaca Winter? Time Budgeting Tips for Finals, Brand Yourself, Iconic Cornell Classes, Get a senior’s perspective on the Cornell experience, Hey, it’s anime! Self-Care 101, Navigating Pre-enroll

What have former first years said about the Tatkon Center?

"The Tatkon student staff is so friendly, kind and helpful."
"Tatkon really aided me in transitioning to campus.
"I love the diverse programs that are offered."
"I know Tatkon was pivotal for my adjustment this year."
"Whether it’s academic help or just the need to chat, the Tat staff are an amazing resource."
"The Tat staff is there to share their experiences and help guide new students to make their first year the best it can be."
"Tatkon was a great home away from home during my first year!"
"Having drop-in tutoring so close to my dorm was very convenient and helped me get the help I needed to do well in my first college classes."
"Cornell is HUGE—it’s great to have a place you know is full of friendly faces."
"Tatkon helped me find my home away from home."
"When I come to the Tat, I can always depend on that warm ‘Hello, how are you?’ They may not know it, but that greeting and goodbye makes this campus seem a little smaller and a bit more like home."
"I’m not sure if I would have gotten through the first semester here without all the walk-in services at the Tat."


Explore Academic Resources
Discover Cornell’s amazing academic support network. Learn about the Learning Strategies Center, Math Support Center, Economics Tutoring Center, Cornell Writing Centers, Office of Undergraduate Biology, Language Resources Center, Cornell Information Technology, Department of Chemistry, and the programs of the CU Library, Public Service Center, Tatkon Center, and the Office of Engagement Initiatives.

Discover Wellness Resources
Cornell has an extraordinary number of resources to help you stay healthy, de-stressed and fit. Check out the options as you start the year. Discover Cornell Health, virtual classes through Cornell Fitness, Cornell Cinema, Cornell Minds Matter, the Johnson Museum, Tatkon Center, Office of Engagement Initiatives, and Cornell Outdoor Education.

History of the Tatkon Center

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