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Apply to Be an Orientation Leader

Thank you for your interest in applying to be an Orientation Leader! The application will remain open through the Spring 2024 semester.

Required Dates 

  •     August 17-18: Orientation Training 
  •     August 19-25: New Student Orientation 

    Applicants for this position must: 

  •    Be enrolled full-time at Cornell University as an undergraduate student through Fall 2024.

  •    Not be serving as an RA for the 2024-2025 academic year.
  •    Be in good academic and judicial standing. 
  •    Return to Ithaca by August 16, 2024, to be present for Orientation Training on August 17 and 18. 
  •    Have no conflicts the week of New Student Orientation, happening August 19-25. 

If you have any questions, please email



Can I be an RA and an OL?

Unfortunately, no. The training and time commitments overlap for the two positions.

What day do I have to be back in Ithaca by?

No later than Friday, August 16. Orientation Training starts the morning of August 17.

What do I do if I'm living on campus in the fall? How will move-in work?

Once we have your information and connect with Housing and Residential Life, you'll receive an email over the summer with information on how to move in on Friday, August 16.

Can I move in any earlier than Friday, August 16?

We are unable to accommodate any earlier move-in requests.

Will the Tatkon Center for New Students provide meals throughout Orientation Week?

Orientation Leaders who do not have an unlimited meal plan will be provided an Orientation Meal Plan throughout Orientation Week. Meal plans officially begin Monday, August 19. We will provide all meals during Orientation Training (8/17-18).

What happens if I'm unable to make it to campus for Orientation Training, but I have no other conflicts during Orientation Week?

Orientation Training is a requirement of the position as it will equip you with the knowledge, resources, and training needed to effectively support new students. Please communicate with us early and often should your availability change.

If I’ve been an OL before, do I need to reapply? 

Yes! Because we are making changes to New Student Orientation and the Orientation Leader programs themselves, it’s important to make sure we all have an understanding of the goals and purpose of these programs! 

If I'm a returning OL, do I need to attend Orientation Training?

Yes. As the program continues to change to support the changing needs of new students and as our sessions and events differ year to year, Orientation Training is a requirement for all experience levels.

What if I am unsure if I’ll have a conflict until much later in the process? 

Please reach out to us at!

Does being an Orientation Leader count towards volunteer hours for scholarships and other Cornell programs?

Yes, it does! Upon completion of the Orientation Leader experience, you can reach out to to begin discussions about this.