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Virtual Support for Student Orgs

Cedric virtually hanging out on the Arts Quad via Zoom
Cedric hanging out virtually on the Arts Quad thanks to Zoom backgrounds.

How do you continue to engage with your clubs and organizations when you can't physically meet? What about elections? How do we keep the momentum going?


CampusGroups is our one-stop shop for all things student organizations! Looking to find more information on a club? Take a look at all the active organizations on campus! Are you part of a club? Use cool and FREE features such as newsletters, file sharing, forms/surveys, event registration, and website hosting! We offer workshops throughout the semester and by request -- please email us if your organization is interested in learning more.

Flyer for a CampusGroups walkthrough for new students
Flyer for a CampusGroups walkthrough for student organization leaders

New student looking to get involved? We'll show you around CampusGroups. 

This workshop is specifically for student organization leaders looking to learn more about CampusGroups functionality!


Virtual Campus Events on CampusGroups

Organizations, departments, and offices are beginning to offer virtual events! Be sure to check out the CampusGroups calendar of events as we continue to grow our calendar!

If your group is planning on hosting a virtual event, be sure to add your event to the calendar! In addition, have questions about how to create a virtual event or need support in conducting a virtual program, reach out via Zoom drop in hours or email our office.


Cedric hanging out virtually with Touchdown Bear
Cedric hanging out in his Cornell shirt virtually with his buddy, Touchdown Bear, thanks to Zoom backgrounds.

Utilizing Zoom for Orgs & Events

Be sure you are using Zoom through Cornell! Did you know Cornell has a deal for students to have unlimited features on Zoom? Logging in through your Cornell Zoom account will allow you more options than a regular free account through the main Zoom page!

Zoom isn't just for your classes -- you can use Zoom to manage your organization!

  • Recruitment: Create a Zoom Meet-and-Greet room! You can also use the "breakout room" feature to split attendees into smaller group conversations.

  • Elections: You can hold your elections via Zoom! Coordinate times for folks to speak their platform, offer Q&A time, etc. Use CampusGroups for voting! See below for more info.
  • Programs/Events: Use Zoom to engage with the Cornell community! Host discussion panels, awareness events, performances, movie watch parties, and more! Be sure your event goes on the CampusGroups Virtual Event page!
  • Meetings, trainings, and workshops: Use Zoom for general body and executive board meetings, as well as any trainings and workshops you want to host with your organization. Use breakout rooms for smaller committee work!
  • Socials/Hangout: Use Zoom to hangout with your members! Chat, watch a movie together, show each other where you're staying.

Missing campus? Want to go the extra step and make it feel like you're still on campus? Check out our virtual Zoom backgrounds from around campus! Meet at the slope at sunset, on the arts quad, or on Ho Plaza at spring. 

Virtual Elections

CampusGroups has functionality that will allow you to virtually host your elections. The Campus Activities office has brainstormed three different election styles you can use in the platform:

  • Ask each candidate to record a video of their speech (suggested cap of 3-5 minutes) and send it to the person in charge of elections, who will upload each video to the CampusGroups Election form. Group members can watch the speeches and vote right in the form!

  • Use the CampusGroups Election Form to list each candidate. Then host a Zoom meeting where candidates give their speeches and/or answer questions. Group members can vote in the election form after the meeting.
  • Ask each candidate to write a statement explaining their platform and answering any questions about their candidacy. Written statements can be sent to the person in charge of elections, who will copy and paste or attach each statement to the CampusGroups Election form. Group members can read the speeches and vote right in the form!
  • There are likely more ways -- get creative!

 Click here for our guide on how to access the Elections feature on CampusGroups.


Virtual Programming/Event Ideas

It seems the world is quickly finding out how effective virtual programming can be! We've been seeing virtual concerts, tours, workshops, Open Mic Nights via Zoom, and so much more. Check out this link of existing events, programs, and interactive activities -- all taking place online! Perhaps something will spark an idea for your organization to try out this semester?

Our office is happy to assist with brainstorming ways for your organization to engage with the community.