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First Generation & Low Income Support

First-Generation & Low-Income (FGLI) student support is intended to promote identity exploration, community, advocacy and empowerment for all students who identify with the first-generation and/or low-income student experience. Our work is grounded in a holistic, intersectional approach to foster an educational environment for FGLI students to succeed and thrive at Cornell. As a unit in the Dean of Students, Diversity and Inclusion portfolio, we aim to promote and centralize academic and social resources to remove institutional barriers to allow, first-generation and/or low-income students to benefit from an inclusive and transformational educational experience.

Did you know....19.9% of the students in the incoming class of 2026 self-identify as first-generation college students. We consider you a first-generation college student if you come from a family in which neither of your parents or guardians has obtained a four-year college degree.

We consider you a low-income student if you have little or no expected parent contribution as part of your financial aid package, you are a recipient of the Pell grant, or you believe that your prior academic and social experiences have been limited due to your socioeconomic status.

First Forward Institution

First Forward logo

The Center for First-Generation Student Success launched in June 2017, with the mission of being the premier source of evidence-based practices, professional development, and knowledge creation for the higher education community to advance the success of first-generation students. In continuing this mission, the Center launched First-gen Forward, the nation’s first recognition program acknowledging higher education institutions for their commitment to first-generation student success.

Cornell University is a member of the 2020-2021 First-gen Forward Cohort.

Student Organizations

The First Generation Student Union student-run organization works collectively to foster an inclusive community for first-generation, low-income (FGLI) students and are committed to making sure FGLI Cornellians find a true sense of belonging.

Support the Access Fund

Support the First-Generation and Low-Income Student Support Center, a new initiative out of the Dean of Students Office, by making a gift to the Access Fund. The Access Fund allows us the flexibility to better meet student needs and your gift will help in a multitude of ways. The Access Fund provides financial support to help low-income students cover emergency expenses, meet basic needs, and to participate in transformative experiences that would not be possible without financial assistance.  

Information for Funding & Accessing Transformative Experiences

Cornell provides many opportunities for undergraduate students to earn funding to finance transformative experiences. Some funding opportunities within the resource below are specific to a certain program and college/school, while others are open to any student. This resource is meant to serve as a beginning to your search process. Learn more about information for funding Transformative Experiences.MSLE has also compiled a list of organizations, companies, and government agencies offering internships and other opportunities designed to provide access to transformative experiences. Some opportunities listed in this resource are broad, while others are discipline-specific. For example, the resource includes experiences such as STEM summer research programs; internships within fields such as human rights, public policy, business and finance; and information for funding study abroad programs. Learn more about these Transformative Experiences.In addition to these resources, please review Experience Cornell and the Career Services websites.

*Note: You may come across an opportunity that is not listed within the resource, and in that case, please feel free to email and it will be added. Both documents will be updated on a regular basis. Students are encouraged to review them frequently. 

Meet the Team

Dannemart Pierre

Peggy J. Koenig ’78 Associate Dean of Students for Student Empowerment, Director of First-Generation & Low-Income Student Support

626 Thurston Ave, Room 305

Dannemart Pierre is an educator, life-long learner, and lover of humans and culture. Her vision for a just and equitable higher education experience stems from her own background as a first-generation, low-income college student who immigrated to the United States from Haiti. The opportunity to lead the Kessler Presidential Scholars Program at Cornell University is the fulfillment of that vision.