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Swipe Out Hunger

The Swipe Out Hunger application is now open. 

Cornell Dining helps in the fight on Food Insecurity

Cornell Dining has partnered with Swipe Out Hunger to fight food insecurity on campus. Cornell students have the opportunity to donate one of their bonus meals to provide access to nutritious meals to food insecure classmates. The pilot is administered by the Office of the Dean of Students through First-Generation and Low-Income Student Support. As more students donate bonus meals we will have more meals to allocate to students in need.

Food Insecurity on Campus:
Food insecurity is on the rise among college students. A person who is food insecure has at times run out of money to buy food, or they sometimes run out of food before they can get more money. It has been estimated that 1 in 3 college students faces food insecurity. With that in mind, Cornell Dining and the Peggy J. Koenig ’78 Associate Dean of Students for Student Empowerment and Director of First-Generation & Low-Income Student Support have partnered with Swipe Out Hunger to provide temporary support to students who are food insecure.

The Cornell Dining - Swipe Out Hunger Pilot:
Cornell students can donate one bonus meal from their current Traditional or House meal plan. Donated bonus meals are collected and placed in a Swipe Out Hunger fund. Cornell students who meet eligibility requirements will be given access to a Swipe Out Hunger meal plan with a few bonus meals. Participating students can use the Swipe Out Hunger bonus meals in any of Cornell Dining’s Dining Rooms. The Swipe Out Hunger bonus meals cannot be used for a guest, do not carry over past this semester, and do not come with Big Red Bucks.

Swipe Out Hunger Q&A

Who is Swipe Out Hunger?
Swipe out Hunger is the leading nonprofit addressing hunger amongst college students. Founded by a group of friends at UCLA in 2010, it has grown campus by campus into a national movement serving more than 1.5 million nutritious meals to date. SOH has partnerships with 62 college and university partners, including Cornell University.

How do students get the donated meals?
The Swipe Out Hunger pilot is administered by the Office of the Dean of Students through First-Generation and Low-Income Student Support. If you are a current student experiencing food insecurity, complete the Swipe Out Hunger Bonus Meals form.

A representative from the Dean of Students, First Generation & Low-Income Student Support will be in contact with you via e-mail to discuss the next steps. If you have any questions, please contact Dannemart Pierre at

How can I donate:
To donate one bonus meal, click here.

Which meals can I donate?
Bonus Meals from your current Traditional or House meal plan are the only meals that can be donated.

How come I can only donate Bonus Meals?
Bonus meals are eligible to be donated because they are not designated solely for your individual use.

Cornell Food Pantry:
The Cornell Food Pantry will be open this fall.  Located at 109 McGraw Place, the Cornell Food Pantry, an initiative to help address food insecurity at Cornell, is just off University Avenue, across from Alice Cook House on West Campus. Click here to register and learn for more information about the Cornell Food Pantry