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Family Orientation

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 Announcement: We will not be hosting Family Orientation for Spring 2024, as Cornell will not be accepting new students during that semester. Learn more here: 

Family Orientation

Cornell University welcomes incoming students' families to participate in Family orientation for a glimpse into the transformational journey students experience at Cornell. Family members receive valuable insight regarding campus resources for a successful collegiate experience.

Family Orientation | Information for the Fall 2024 semester will be available during the Spring 2024 semester. 
Thank you so much for joining us for Family Orientation! Below are links to recordings of our featured sessions. 

New Student Move-in | Information for the Fall 2024 semester will be available during the Spring 2024 semester. 
Follow this link to Housing and Residence Life for more information on move-in.

New Student Orientation | Information for the Fall 2024 semester will be available during the Spring 2024 semester. 
Students can begin registering for their Orientation program in late June! Visit the New Student Orientation page for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Where do I park during Orientation?

Designated parking will be available for families before/after move-in and Orientation. Directions to parking locations will be provided in the Housing Portal, and distributed at the check-in location. Please be mindful of restricted parking lots. You can check out more information on our Special Events Parking page under Fall Opening. It includes a map of designated parking lots. Transportation will be available for families and guest from the move-in/orientation parking lots to North Campus, West Campus and Central Campus for Orientation events.

How do I confirm and save my Family Orientation itinerary?

From a laptop or desktop computer:
  1. Select “View Itinerary” from the top menu above the daily schedules to view your customized itinerary. 

  2. Select “Save for Later” from the top of your itinerary.

  3. Enter your email address to save your itinerary and receive an email confirmation.

From a mobile device:
  1. Select “View Itinerary” from the bottom menu to view your customized itinerary.

  2. Select “Manage Itinerary” from the bottom menu, and then “Save for Later.”

  3. Enter your email address to save your itinerary and receive an email confirmation.

 Can my student attend the Family Orientation events with me?

Students will follow the New Student Orientation schedule; however, there is overlap!

 How do I retrieve or update my itinerary?

  1. Visit the Family Orientation schedule
  2. Scroll down to the Get Started box and click “Or, retrieve an existing itinerary”
  3. Enter your email to view your itinerary
  4. To email your itinerary: Click "Email your Itinerary" and enter your email
  5. To add to your itinerary: Click "Choose more programs"
  6. To remove programs: Scroll through your itinerary and select "Remove" next to the program

 Where can I learn more about my student’s move-in process and what they should bring?

Cornell Housing will be your best resource for information about the move-in process. They provide a wealth of information on the Cornell Housing website and through regular communications with incoming students.

Some Family Orientation programs are at capacity. Will additional capacity be added? Is there a waitlist?

We understand that seeing an activity you would like to attend is at maximum capacity is disappointing. While most activities are open for all families, some need capacity limits for practical reasons. While we are not able to add additional capacity for those activities or accommodate waitlists, some of the spaces where tours take place are still open to the public and can be visited by families independent of tours or other scheduled activities.

 Can Cornell assist with finding hotel/lodging accommodations during Family Orientation?

We understand finding lodging in Ithaca during Family Orientation and Move-in can sometimes be challenging. Unfortunately, we are not able to assist with finding lodging. Visit Ithaca provides a comprehensive list of local lodging. Families struggling to find a place to stay in Ithaca may find more success in nearby communities such as Cortland, NY or Watkins Glenn, NY.

 How can I request access accommodations?

Cornell University is committed to providing universal access to all of our events. Please email to request disability accommodation. Advance notice is necessary to arrange for some accessibility needs.

We are unable to provide wheelchairs for guests. We recommend renting wheelchairs or transport chairs at home to bring to campus. If you rent from companies in Ithaca, be sure to confirm pickup & return dates based on your travel and the location's hours of operation. 

607-273-4727 Guthrie Med Supply Depot
607-272-2433 Finger Lakes Independence Center
607-257-1425 UHS Professional Homecare

If you have additional questions or concerns, you can reach us by email at