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Virtual Cornell Escape Room

Join us on a puzzle-filled virtual adventure around Cornell.

Image of three emojis spelling out a clue for a puzzle: bee emoji, bee emoji, water emoji
A puzzle you may encounter in your escape room. Can you solve it? (This is one of our easier puzzles).

The Cornell escape rooms were developed in-house by the Campus Activities office, current students, alumni, and campus partners. This series of events is supported by the Cornell University Class Councils and CU Tonight Funding Commission!

What is a Virtual Escape Room?

You have likely heard of a traditional in-person escape room: you are locked in a physical room and have to find your way out through discovering and solving a series of puzzles and clues.

Well, when you are playing with us, you're locked in a Zoom breakout room (not really -- but it's more fun to think that)! We have created a series of Cornell-themed puzzles for you to solve utilizing Zoom and Google Drive capabilities.

How do I sign up?

Escape room dates and times will be advertised on the CampusGroups events calendar when available. You can sign yourself and/or your group up on the CampusGroups events page. If you are signing up a group, you will the designated "Team Leader" and just need to provide a group quantity. If your number of players changes, that is ok! We just need a general idea of how many to expect.

Becker House GRFs and HAD enjoying the Cornell Virtual Escape Room!
Becker House GRFs and HAD enjoying the Cornell Virtual Escape Room!

What should I expect after I sign up?

You will receive a message from an Escape Room Gamemaster (GM) at least an hour before your game time with further instructions.

If you are a formed group: decide on a time when your group is ready to start. The Team Leader will complete the sign in form, which will ask for names and NetIDs of all players and a Team Name. Submitting the sign in form alerts the GMs that they are expecting your group. Your group can join the Gamemaster Help Center Zoom room (link provided in your email) at this time. We will give you access to the form and place you in a breakout room to start playing.

If you are a solo player looking for a team: complete the sign in form and join the Help Center at the time advertised for solo players to join. The GMs will try to match you with other players or an existing team.

If you are a solo player: complete the sign in form and join the Help Center at any time. A GM will give you access to start the escape room. You can either leave the Zoom channel and rejoin the Help Center at any time for help, or be placed in one of our empty break out rooms.


What do I do if I get stuck on a puzzle?

Gamemasters (GMs) are staffed at every escape room to offer help! We hang out in the Help Center lobby. If you are in one of our breakout rooms, use the "Call for Help" button at the bottom of your zoom call and we will send in a GM to offer support. GMs will only give hints -- not an answer! Note: please be patient with a request! GMs may be busy helping other teams and will try to support you as quickly as possible.

If you are playing outside of the GM zoom breakout rooms, you can join the Help Center at any time to ask for help.


Our Escape Rooms

We are offering a series of escape rooms -- each offering a different set of puzzles around campus! More escape rooms will debut throughout the 2020-2021 academic year.


Advertisement with red text titled "Virtual Escape Room: A Day With Touchdown" and a photo of Touchdown the Bear waving

Escape Room 1: A Day With Touchdown

Join Touchdown as he visits the Ithaca campus! This series of puzzles starts and ends at North Campus -- but goes everywhere! It's hard to keep up with a bear.

This event was offered during Senior Days (May 2020) and Q-Week (August 2020).


Escape Room 2: Touchdown: Centrally Located

Join Touchdown as he explores Central Campus a little more through a series of puzzles!

Image with Touchdown the Bear and the Clocktower with the text "Virtual Escape Room: Touchdown Centrally Located"


Escape Room 3: Touchdown: Too Much To Do

Coming soon... Join us later this year for our third escape room!