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Everyone needs a little help sometimes. At Student Support & Advocacy Services, we are committed to supporting and guiding students, providing a helping hand when needed.

See ways below to get help when needed through support and services available to you from our office.

Day-time Support: Case Management Services

Case management consists of meeting with students who are navigating challenging situations and offering support to help the student be successful, based on their definition of success.

Through case management, we build 1-on-1 helping relationships with students while coaching them toward campus and local resources, self-care, and self-advocacy.

Challenging situations may include but are not limited to non-crisis physical, psychological, safety, patterns of academic concern, and general well-being. 

To get connected, call, drop in, or fill out this form, selecting Student of Concern in the Report Type drop-down menu.

After-Hours Support: Administrator on-Call

The Administrator on-Call offers support and guidance for health and safety emergencies that require immediate attention when University offices are closed. The Administrator on-Call is not a substitute for trained emergency personnel such as 911, 988, police, fire, or EMT professionals.

The Administrator on-Call is a full-time employee of the university, who is trained to respond to crisis situations through trauma-informed and identity-conscious lenses. The Administrator on-Call is available:

  • Monday through Thursday, 5:00 pm - 8:30 am
  • Friday at 5:00 pm through Monday at 8:30 am
  • To reach the Administrator on-Call after-hours, please call Cornell University Dispatch at 607-255-1111 and request to be connected to the Administrator on-Call. 
When To Call After-Hours Support
  • Hospital transports - A student goes to the hospital for abdominal pain and has emergency surgery.
  • Facility-related issues - A group of students living in an off-campus apartment experienced flooding (or a fire) in their apartments at 9:00 pm. They are displaced and need assistance finding lodging for the night.
  • Death - A parent wants university assistance in notifying their student about the sudden death of a closely related family member.
  • Mental Health - A student’s roommate seems to be having a psychological breakdown. 
  • Missing student - A parent has not seen their student or been able to get in touch with them for 24 hours. 
When NOT To Call After-Hours Support
  • You anticipate missing class or an exam due to illness, car trouble, etc. 
    • What to do instead: Email your professor about your situation and seek medical attention if necessary.
  • You are extremely worried about an upcoming exam. Your anxiety has intensified, and you cannot breathe. You think you are having a panic attack.
    • Call Cornell Health After Hours (ProtoCall) 607-255-5155 (#2), Cornell University Public Safety Dispatch at 607-255-1111 or 911.
  • You need to leave campus unexpectedly for a family situation, and you anticipate missing class for a few days.
    • What to do instead: Email your professors and/or your academic advising unit to inform them of your circumstances and determine if and how they will work with you to manage your absences. 
  • You are having a disagreement with your roommate in your residence hall.
    • What to do instead: Contact your Resident Assistant (RA) or residence hall director to mediate the issue.
  • Your student is worried or anxious about not making friends.
    • What to do instead: Contact the Student Support & Advocacy Services during regular business hours or have the student reach out to their RA.
  • Your student is navigating a landlord dispute.