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Signature Programs


Women on stage at Real Talk event.

Click the image to watch a short video on the 2023 event.
Watch the 2022 video here: Real Talk 2022

Real Talk Speaker Series

Among the center’s signature events is REALTALK – an annual speaker series with the mission to bring Relatable, Empowering, Authentic Leaders to campus to share personal stories which inspire and engage the diverse community of Cornell.

Each year, REALTALK adopts a specific theme and presents women-identified and nonbinary, speakers who share their own vivid, heartfelt experiences in a moderated panel discussion that encourages the participants to think, engage and take action.

In 2022, REALTALK’s theme was Mental Health and Self Care. This 3-minute highlight reel conveys the special significance of REALTALK. Supported by a dedicated endowment fund, the WRC will be able to present REALTALK in perpetuity, serving as one way the center will continue to address relevant issues and deliver impactful resources on campus for generations to come.

Body Talk

Facilitated group discussions led by student facilitators and supervisory coaching staff about topics that aim to empower the attendees and promote the cultivation of positive cultures within the Cornell Athletics community. Vocal participation in the conversations is optional, and attendees are provided relevant resources related to program topics. Each event aims to provide support to the athletes directly and elicit suggestions for improving the program or culture of Cornell Athletics through both conversations during each event and post-event feedback surveys.

Empowering discussions promote a safer and supportive environment for women-identifying and non-binary athletes to share or hear from others about their experiences, challenges, triumphs, and ambitions. Connection within a community of other student-athletes can promote the collective strength of not only their individual team but also the women-identifying athletes within the Cornell Athletics program, expanding their network, and helping to build meaningful connections. Within the small group discussions, topics arise such as nutrition, mental health, and sport training. Resources are provided that can help educate and support the well-being of these athletes by providing information on these areas and where they can access these resources on the Cornell campus.

Themes from past events have included topics such as:societal attitudes, pressure to conform, and stereotypes; social media/visibility (appearance vs athletic ability); navigating intersecting identities of femininity and athleticism; create a culture within our community that values women-identified and non-binary athletes in sport; cultivating self-esteem and pressure to perform.

No, You’re Not Overreacting

No You're Not Overreacting is a student-led recurring program that seeks to cultivate an environment of inclusivity and empowerment for women of color on campus. By prioritizing joy and community-building, this initiative aims to mitigate the effects of microaggressions, sexism, and racism that frequently define interactions for far too many. Our program endeavors to build community and allow for nuanced discussions, including on the intersections of identity and joy. Come as you are; we want to provide space for you to be authentically you.