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The Hunter R. Rawlings III Cornell Presidential Research Scholars program provides exciting opportunities to a select number of students.

Research Support Account
Students admitted as freshmen have access to up to $8,000 to support research and related activities as long as they are enrolled as full-time undergraduates at Cornell. Upperclass-admitted students have access to $5,000.  Students who plan and budget well can receive wages, purchase necessary supplies, receive a living expense grant for at least one summer of research, as well as attend at least one conference (see Support Account).

Scholarship Awards
Rawlings Scholars with demonstrated financial need will receive a $4,000/year scholarship which increases total grant aid and reduces self-help aid such as loans, summer savings, or work.

Faculty Connections
As undergraduates, students in Rawlings CPRS are expected to participate in research. Typically, this is accomplished through involvement with a faculty mentor, either through on-going faculty research or an independent, faculty-approved project. Faculty mentors are crucial to the success of the Rawlings CPRS program.

RCPRS Colloquium
Incoming freshmen participate in the RCPRS Colloquium, which includes meetings with fellow students, university and college unit coordinators, and faculty representatives. This year-long colloquium creates a sense of cohesion and belonging, helps students understand their RCPRS requirements, introduces the students to many Cornell resources, and helps them find a faculty mentor (if applicable).

RCPRS Mentorship Program
RCPRS’s Mentorship Program pairs the program’s newest students with upper-class scholars who have come to know Cornell—its challenges and its resources.

Research in Progress Forum
In conjunction with the Freshman Colloquium, RCPRS upperclassmen volunteer to present their research to fellow scholars. It’s a great way to learn about other projects and opportunities at Cornell.

Summer Research Experiences
Students can develop summer internships to explore their research interests. Expenses for most internships are paid through RSAs. While scholars can apply for funding for up to three summers of research, each scholar is expected to participate in at least one summer research experience.

Senior Expo
Seniors showcase their research in this capstone event, held every year in April.

Student Advisory Board (SAB)
Rawlings CPRS students can apply annually to be members of the SAB, which advises staff on areas of interest for students, organizes social activities, coordinates the peer advisory network, and publishes a newsletter; board members also serve as ambassadors of the program.

RCRPS Newsletter
The program maintains a moderated listserv to keep students up to date on news and events. This includes new research opportunities at Cornell and beyond, RCPRS Student Advisory Board social and professional development events, Alumni Engagement events, and more.

Student-Alumni Networking
Various networking opportunities with fellow students and alumni.

Graduation Reception
All seniors who graduate in good standing in RCPRS are honored at a reception on the Friday before graduation in May.  Families and faculty mentors are invited to join in the celebration, where students are introduced and honored.

Invite-only Events
Students have the opportunity to participate in invite-only events held on Cornell’s campus. In past years, this has included guest presentations on basic financial literacy fundamentals and Gallup StrengthsFinder, an assessment tool to identify leadership strengths.  Each year, alumni return to campus and meet with students one-on-one and in small groups to talk about their careers.

Winter service trip 
Students have the opportunity to participate in an annual winter service trip. Past trips have been to: 1) Nicaragua to volunteer at a rural sustainable tourism organization, 2) Pittsburgh to volunteer with organizations focused on food insecurity, and 3) New Orleans to volunteer with, an organization dedicated to rebuilding the lower ninth ward, which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

The Cornell Commitment Showcase
This virtual fall event brings together freshmen from all three Cornell Commitment programs to learn from upperclassmen who have engaged in research, service, and internships at Cornell and around the world.