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A guide to Cornell Dining for Spring 2022

Welcome, or welcome back, for Spring 2022

The Cornell Dining team has assembled some information to help you navigate a dining program of which we're extremely proud, explaining some of what's new and some reminders to help keep everyone healthy. Most of our eateries will be open during move-in days, and meal plans begin with lunch on January 18th. Families and guests are welcome, too.

Bookmark Cornell Dining Now at to see what's open when.

As Cornell shifts to in-person classes, we're excited to return to in-person dining! Dine-in seating reopens Monday, February 7th at all of our dining rooms and cafes, with self-service where appropriate, full menus as before, and contactless entry swipes or payment where feasible. Where space allows, some of our eateries will have space set aside for physically distanced seating for those who'd like to maintain a little extra space between guests.

Takeout remains available at our dining rooms with your reusable container. (We are no longer offering disposable takeout containers, as part of our effort to be as sustainable as possible.) If you'd like to take your meal to go due to limited time or preference to dine solo, we'll still be offering takeout. Please rinse your reusable takeout container after each use, and bring it back to dining rooms for each takeout meal, to swap for a freshly sanitized one! If you turned your reusable takeout container in last fall, or haven't received one yet, you can pick one up at any of our residential dining rooms. The first one is free of charge to all students on a meal plan that includes meal swipes.

Reusable takeout containers are not available at and should not be brought to Risley Dining Room (which is certified gluten-free, peanut-free, and tree-nut-free) or 104West! (which is certified kosher) due to cross-contamination concerns.

Give Morrison Dining a try!

Morrison Dining is built from the ground up to let you choose your own culinary adventures, from the Mediterranean-inspired veggie bowls and made-from-scratch pasta to the build-your-own waffle bar. The eleven distinct culinary platforms at Morrison Dining, which is intended to echo a busy city street, also include brand new certified Kosher and Halal stations.

Mobile ordering

Several of our cafés and our grills are available on GET Order, our mobile ordering service, to speed up your visits to our eateries. Order in advance to reduce your contact and interaction with staff at our cafés, and be more efficient with your time. You can place your order hours ahead if you're sure of your schedule, or simply before walking over. Just skip the line and grab your meal from the pickup station. 

If you don't have a smartphone, just use a web browser on any computer or mobile device to place your order before heading to the eatery to pick it up. There is no fee for using GET Order to place your order.

Contactless payment

Most of Cornell Dining's eateries are cashless for safety and sanitation! We're using contactless payment methods, and instead of handing your Cornell ID card to a door-checker or cashier in our eateries, you'll use the GET My Card feature of the GET app to show a unique bar code representing your Cornell ID for both meal swipes and BRBs. We also have self-serve payment terminals for credit and debit cards, supporting Apple Pay and Google Wallet as well as chip cards.  

Jobs with Cornell Dining

We provide students with meaningful work opportunities and leadership positions! Whether you want to work in one of our residential dining locations or our coffee shops or cafés, whether you want to hone your culinary skills by working closely with a chef, we have a position for you. If you're looking to take on more of a leadership role, we have supervisor and student manager positions that can fit. Cornell Dining hires many full-time and part-time staff members for a wide range of positions and roles on campus, as well as a robust student staff team.