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Virtual Engagement

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Welcome to Cornell Student & Campus Life's virtual engagement resources

As we continue to work and engage with one another in a virtual learning environment in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are faced with a unique opportunity to stretch our communication skills and utilize new technologies to create more personalized and adaptive learning and connections for students. Through a variety of virtual platforms, students are able to stay involved with the Cornell campus community and take part in a meaningful educational experience.

What is virtual engagement?

Broadly defined, virtual engagement involves using various online technologies such as Zoom video conferencing, social media, and other digital platforms. The resources offered on these pages aim to assist in the intellectual and professional development of our students and encourage meaningful engagement opportunities.

Best Practices

When creating and developing your own resources in this virtual landscape, we encourage you to focus on the following best practices that we have learned and that our higher education colleagues have experienced:

  • Programming over 45 minutes is most successful when it involves interactive elements such as a group poll or offers breakout rooms for small discussion
  • Keep programs to 30 minutes or less if you plan only a speaking presentation
  • Adding handouts that can be shared ahead of time or through Zoom's chat feature increase understanding and information retention of participants

Utilizing these resources and new technologies will: 

  • Help create more personalized and adaptive learning and connections for students
  • Offer structured digital engagement
  • Provide social opportunities in a digital environment

We want Cornell students to succeed anytime, anyplace. These resources are available 24/7, because students are 24/7. Please share these resources with your student peers, and with faculty and staff who work with students, during this time of social distancing and virtual learning.