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Yasin Ahmed

Muslim Campus Minister

Yasin Ahmed serves as CURW's first full time Muslim campus minister.  He has worked with young people of many backgrounds with the intention of pleasing Allah by being a positive, consistent, and accessible role model.  He admired these characteristics in his mentors most notably Moulana Abdurahman Ahmad, Chaplain Greg Bezilla, and Imam Sohaib Sultan.  He has previously taught Islamic Studies at Madina Academy in Connecticut.  He formerly served as the Muslim Chaplain at Trinity College and Choate-Rosemary Hall.  Witnessing the sincerity of young people, trying to know God and live their faith, despite their real and challenging obstacles, inspired him to think deeply about long term community building.  How do we develop a generation who heal a society that is fractured?  Yasin believes the answer lies in focusing locally and challenging institutional structures.  Inshallah (God willing), he wishes to weave together a traditional community by empowering individuals.  He focuses on cultivating beliefs in the heart, instilling the value of self discipline, and then supporting members in their understanding of Islam and faith.  He understands his own poverty in regard to these values and asks for your prayer.Chaplain Yasin is also the Head of Development for Common Ground Services, an Islamic Consulting firm, which builds interfaith coalitions and educates people on Islam.  They have presented Islam to thousands of people and broken many stereotypes. In his private life, Yasin is an introvert, who loves milkshakes ?, and might surprisingly cross you over on the hardwood. 

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