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Spring 2021 Move-In Volunteer Sign Up

THANK YOU for offering to help with welcoming our students to campus for the spring 2021 semester! Every volunteer will receive a Cornell sweatshirt, hat and gloves, and a meal ticket. Each day there will be warm beverages at volunteer check in locations to help keep the cold away! We are also providing personal protection bags containing extra masks, disposable gloves, and hand sanitizer.


The safety of all volunteers is a top priority for Student and Campus Life. To help you understand what risk(s) you might have, we have created a color-coding system. The safety levels and risk of exposure are described below and do include weather exposure as well. The actual job descriptions will let you know general location. It is important to note that we are not asking volunteers to place themselves in any role that would require a RED exposure.

*Exposure levels are based on being within six feet of others for longer than 10 minutes.*

GREEN - Never closer than six feet with very limited exposure to guests in indoor areas.

YELLOW - Occasional exposure of closer than six feet, but never longer than 10 minutes.

RED - Frequently closer than six feet for brief moments of time, still never for more than 10 minutes.

Job Descriptions

Directional/Queuing/Testing site assistance
Help to ensure people maintain physical distancing standards, wear masks, and read signs as appropriate. Those that volunteer for this could be assigned to test site locations, check-in locations, and/or various areas throughout campus where directional assistance is needed. These locations are generally indoors, although at testing sites, there may be some outdoor assistance needed. We’ll make certain to rotate staff as appropriate.
Safety Level: Green

On Campus Check-In Assistance
Assist service center and Residential Life staff with the check-in and key distribution process. This will include handing keys to students, using computer software, and swiping IDs. There are a number of key check-in areas around campus. Parents and visitors are not allowed into any of the check-in areas, and distance will be maintained. Check-in volunteers may also be asked to assist with checking in shuttle riders or luggage.
Safety Level: Yellow

Hotel Check-In/Check-Out Assistance
This is an off-campus role, meaning you will be assigned to a local hotel to assist with the check-in/check-out process. Check-in/check-out areas are located near the actual hotel check-in desks (lobby). Most hotels are asking that parents not be allowed into the lobby area and that proper physical distancing is maintained.
Safety Level: Yellow

Traffic Assistance
Assist drivers on where to temporarily park their vehicles, unload, and drive to the location closest to their student’s residence hall for drop off. There is also a need at test sites to inform visitors and families to remain in their vehicles. This role does not require you to interact with people outside of their vehicles but will, most likely, be an outdoor role. We’ll make certain to rotate staff as appropriate.
Safety Level: Green

For any questions or concerns, please contact the Conference & Event Services team at

Volunteer Testing

In order to protect our campus and community, all employees are strongly encouraged to complete a supplemental test prior to volunteering, if you do not already get regularly tested. This testing is an essential part of our public health strategy and important to assist us in limiting the spread of COVID-19.  Your assistance is vital for this important program.

If you are currently approved to be on campus, receive daily checks, and are actively completing a surveillance test at least once a week, you do not need to do anything further. Your regular surveillance test is sufficient. You may choose to get an extra supplemental test done prior to volunteering if you wish. However, if you have not completed a surveillance test within at least one week prior to volunteering, we would strongly encourage you to complete a supplemental test at least two days prior to volunteering.  If you have not previously been cleared to be on campus and you do not receive daily checks, we will temporarily give you this clearance and allow you to be on campus for the move-in timeframe only. Additionally, we strongly encourage you to get a supplemental test at within two days prior to being on campus.

Please review the testing hours of operations listed here: You can schedule this supplemental test by logging in to your Daily Check portal ( and selecting the “Supplemental Testing Only” button. Symptomatic employees are not permitted to test at a surveillance site and instead should seek a diagnostic test at a Cayuga Health site or through their primary care physician. When registering, be sure to use your email address. Staff who are symptomatic must not attend any volunteering shifts.

Volunteer Sign-up

There are five different volunteer job assignments for Spring 2021 Move-In. Feel free to sign up for one shift or multiple. Any amount of time that you can give to support University move-in will be a huge help. To review the shifts available, please follow the link at the bottom of this page to continue to the registration site.

Please note we are using a program called CampusGroups to register volunteers. If you follow the links and get a prompt to create a user account, simply email, we can easily give you access. It takes a matter of minutes to activate your Cornell CampusGroups user account. Please do not create a user account.

To review what you have signed up for, please log into Cornell Campus Groups and under your "home" screen, click on the 3 horizontal lines (near top left screen). From there you can review the shifts you signed up for under "My Events."

Spring Move-In: A Call For Volunteers

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