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Vicar Hierald Osorto

Hierald's passion for stories hidden out of sight drives him to work collaboratively and creatively to bring those stories to light. The last decade of his experiences includes coordinating multicultural programming at a small liberal arts college, co-moderating the young adult council for Religions for Peace, connecting students and sustainable farmers in El Salvador, and, from 2013-15, directing the national program for Lutheran Volunteer Corps, a faith-based service program for young adults of many religious and spiritual backgrounds pursuing justice. He currently serves as part-time Vicar at St. Luke Lutheran Church and is a candidate for ministry in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. He has a Masters of Divinity from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and is working on his second Masters of Arts at Luther Seminary. Vicar Hierald’s name reflects his Salvadoran heritage. When you see his name in print, don’t let the “H” throw you off: just remember that the “H” is silent, like in “Hola!” Vicar Hierald is a candidate under care of the Metro DC Synod, and is excited to serve S.t Luke Lutheran Church and by extension Cornell University.

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