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Rental Listings & Resources

Use the checklists below to keep your search results organized. 

  1. Housing Search Checklist 
  2. Security Checklist 
  3. Apartment Selection Checklist 

Search Rental Listings  For security reasons only those affiliated or can prove affiliation with Cornell University can view and contact a landlord/property manager/person subletting from the listing database.  

Note: If you are unsure if a property you're looking at inside the City of Ithaca has a certificate, you can check online: City of Ithaca Building Department Certificate of Compliance Property Information website, call (607) 274-6508 or email

Safety Program for Off-Campus Living Cornell has partnered with the Building Division of the City of Ithaca to create an online system that displays the relative safety information of City rental properties. This system is updated daily with key safety information, including: fire safety, notifications systems, construction type and property use. This information provides students and their parents with an opportunity to make informed decisions in choosing safe living environments.  

Additional Search Options 

Cornell University does not endorse the "Additional Search Options" sites or any landlord or property listed on the sites listed above. Students should view properties in person and read the entire lease contract before signing it or paying any money. Cornell University assumes no responsibility for disputes between tenants and the sites, or between tenants and any landlord or property. 

Join the Off-Campus Living Email List 

The Off-Campus Living email list provides a forum for those seeking housing or those who are seeking someone to share housing with or sublet their apartment, and to share your housing search experience with others. 

This is exclusive to members of the Cornell community, you must have a NetID to join. If you do not yet have your NetID, please forward your letter of acceptance to us at

  • Subscribe here — Type Join in the subject line and leave the body of the email blank. 

  • Unsubscribe here — The subject line must be blank and type Leave in the body of the email.