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We're changing how we label coconut and tree nut allergens

As of January 2023, Cornell Dining has changed our allergy program to explicitly label coconut as a separate allergen from tree nuts. Since many people with tree nut allergies can tolerate coconut, this change will help guests with tree nut and/or coconut allergies make better-informed decisions about our menu items.

Some of our menu items have long included coconut ingredients, such as coconut milk in curries and in our chia pudding, and coconut oil in vegan cheeses. In the past, we've labeled such dishes as containing a tree nut allergen. Now, our menu identifier cards for these dishes will be labeled for coconut, rather than tree nuts. You may also see items labeled as containing both tree nut and coconut allergens, if they include coconut as well as another type of tree nut ingredient.

Allergy diagnoses have become much more specific, and making our allergen labeling more specific will allow guests to eat some of these menu items that they may have been avoiding due to the previous labeling approach.
Our menus at Risley Dining, which is Certified Free From tree nuts (as well as peanuts & gluten) by Kitchens with Confidence, have already been using this more-specific labeling, with coconut shown as an ingredient on dishes that include coconut oil, coconut milk and other coconut derivates. North Star Dining Room and Jansen's Dining Room at Hans Bethe House also have menus that don't use tree nuts, but may use coconut ingredients.
As always, we encourage all of our guests with food sensitivities and food allergies to reach out to our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists at to discuss how best to navigate our eateries and menus for a safe and satisfying meal.

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