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End-of-semester departure and Summer Housing

This originally appeared as an e-mail to on-campus residents.

As we approach the end of spring classes, it is time to start thinking about move-out or the need for summer on-campus housing.

Please read the remainder of the email carefully for important check-out process information.


Secure a Departure Day and Time

If you will be leaving for the summer, you will need to select a departure timeslot. Log in to the Portal to select your departure time. Per the Housing License Terms and Conditions, non-graduating students need to check out of housing by 10am on Wednesday, May 26. Graduating residents must check out by noon on Monday, May 31. Please log in to the Housing Portal by 5pm on Friday, May 14 and use the schedule system to select the day and time that you plan to depart from campus. Timeslots are available May 1-May 26 for non-graduating residents. Residents should select a time no more than 24 hours after your last exam. For graduating residents, timeslots are available May 1-May 31. 

Coordinate with Daily Check and Surveillance Testing

o   Complete the Daily Check End-of-Semester Information Form that will be distributed in the next few weeks.

§  Your departure date in the Daily Check system will be determined by the departure time you selected in the Housing Portal.

Arrange Pick Up for Departure

  • Non-Cornell community guests/visitors, including parents and family members, are not permitted in residence halls or any campus buildings.
    • Make plans to meet family, guardians, and friends outside of the building.
  • Students are responsible for bringing personal belongings from their room to the vehicle picking them up.
  • Avoid parking tickets by ensuring drivers are following all signage and not blocking fire lanes, ADA parking spaces, or parking on designated walkways.

Designated Loading Areas Across Campus 

Residents of North Campus

o   Mews Hall loading dock

o   Dickson Hall loading dock

o   Donlon loading dock

o   Robert Purcell Community Center lot (spaces by High Rise #5 and Parkmobile spaces)

o   Helen Newman lot (Parkmobile) - Balch, C/K/B

o   Program House Drive: specific parking spaces designated as loading zones

o   North side of Jessup Road loading zones

o   Risley Parking Lot loading spaces

o   Latino Living Center parking lot loading spaces

o   Ecology House parking lot loading spaces

o   Akwe:kon parking lot loading spaces (accessible from new driveway off of Triphammer Road)

Residents of Cascadilla Hall

Please note that there is no parking between the Gorge and Cascadilla Hall. You must not park in fire lanes. The best locations for you to park and load are the City of Ithaca Garage just to the south of Cascadilla Hall and the Williams Street Parking Lot at the corner of Williams Street and Stewart Avenue.

Residents of Sheldon Court

Limited parking spots are available in the Sheldon Court loading dock. The best locations for you to park and load are the City of Ithaca Garage just to the south of Cascadilla Hall and the Williams Street Parking Lot at the corner of Williams Street and Stewart Avenue.

 Residents of West Campus (Parking is available in the University Avenue parking lot to use before or after you load your vehicle.)

o   Along West Avenue:

§  Across from Baker Tower: parking spaces designated as loading zones

§  Across from Founders & Lyon: the pull-off loading zone on the Slope side

o   Along Stewart Avenue:

§  Parking spaces along Stewart Avenue

o   Near Bethe & Keeton:

§  Mary Ann Wood Drive (just behind William Keeton House): parking spaces designated as loading zones

§  Forest Park Lane (just behind Noyes Community Recreation Center): parking spaces designated as loading zones

o   Near Cook House

§  West Avenue near Baker Tower

§  Parking spaces along Stewart Avenue


Gothics Way and Becker Drive above the loading dock will NOT be accessible.

Closing Process for Residents

  • Pack!!

  • Take all trash to building dumpsters and recycling to the building recycling center.
  • Return all dining items to the nearest dining room - no questions asked!
  • Clean your bathroom and kitchen (if applicable).
  • Dispose of food items in your MicroFridge or your community refrigerator.
  • If applicable, clean and unplug your MicroFridge, and prop open the door.
  • Lock the windows, close your drapes and/or shades, and turn out all the lights.
  • Lock the room, suite, and/or apartment door.
  • Set heat on the minimum heat setting.
  • Return all keys to Service Center/House Office

·       If you depart during Service Center/House Office hours, return your keys to your Service Center/House Office.

      • North Campus: Robert Purcell Service Center

      • South Campus: Cascadilla Service Center
      • West Campus: House Office 
    • If your departure time is after operational hours of Service Center/House Office, return your keys using the drop box outside of the Service Center/House Office.
      • Wooden drop box between the double set of doors at both entrances of Robert Purcell Community Center
      • Drop box at the Cascadilla Service Center
      • Drop in Outgoing mail slot at your West Campus House Office

Bins: Will be available in main buildings to assist with your move.

Shipping/Storage: Big Red Shipping & Storage, Cornell’s preferred vendor, information for you to contract on your own is available on the housing website.

Dump and Run Personal Belongings Donations: Please look for donation/drop sites within the residence halls to donate items you do not wish to take with you. 


·       Please note that once you have turned in your keys, you will be officially checked out of housing, and your card access will be turned off.

·       Please pay careful attention to who is following you into the building. Safety and security are important!

·       Please remember that Service Centers do not have refrigeration for perishable packages.

·       If you rented a refrigerator or MicroFridge from CSI, leave the appliance in your room to be picked up after closing. All rental appliances must be thoroughly cleaned, and should be defrosted two days before your departure, with the door to the refrigerator and freezer left open. You will be charged if rental equipment is not left in its original condition. If you have changed rooms since the fall, or have any questions, call CSI at 1-800-525-7307.

·       Please pick up mail and packages before you leave campus and update your forwarding address. To update your forwarding address, please follow these instructions:

·       Log in to the Housing Portal with your NetID and Password

·       Select Forms

·       Select Forwarding Address Form and click Continue

·       Update your address and select Save & Continue

Summer Housing Information

If you need or want to stay for the summer, on-campus housing is available. All summer housing will be on North Campus. Current residents requesting summer housing will be sent further instructions on the transition from spring to summer housing assignments. Please Note: Students who plan to remain in on-campus housing should expect to continue participating in ongoing surveillance testing.

Please select your desired summer housing option and complete the Summer 2021 Housing Application in the Housing Portal by 5pm on Friday, May 14.

If you have additional questions, please connect with your Residence Hall Director/Area Coordinator/House Assistant Dean or the Housing and Residential Life Office


Thank you,

Housing and Residential Life