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Government jobs often have very good benefits and job security. Entry-level pay may not be as high as a corporate job, but there are easy paths to raises and promotions once you begin working in government. Some people may complain that change is slow to happen, while others prefer the stability of the work. While public change may take longer at times due to laws, regulations, or votes, it often has a wide-reaching impact, which many find fulfilling and worth the wait. You may also qualify for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, which can help alleviate the pressure of student loans.

Generally, internships with federal and state government agencies are advertised. Agencies often have annual internship programs that take place each year or summer, many of which are labeled as Pathways Internships. Most federal positions are posted on USA Jobs, but Intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice, as well as other levels of government (state, local, etc.) may post jobs on other sites.

To explore jobs in other levels of government, there are many sites in the Career Library. Search by keyword combinations such as "city government careers" or "local government websites." Internships with senators and members of Congress Are typically advertised through the legislative branch websites – you can find more information about jobs and internships through the House Employment Bulletin or Senate Placement Office. Find who you’d like to work with and contact their office via phone or with a resume attached via e-mail.

Suggested summer or full-semester programs:

Internships at the local government level may be advertised, but it may also be possible to generate an internship with municipal or county government. Contact the particular department you are interested in, discuss your interests and skills, demonstrate how these might fit with the department's needs, and make an internship proposal.

Resource Library

Government Resources

Our Resource Library contains links to many resources that will help you in your search for opportunities at various levels of government.