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For Faculty

Our goal in Cornell Career Services is to help Cornell students apply their education and experiences toward advancing their career goals over a lifetime. Many students will approach their faculty advisors first with questions about the future, so we invite you to spend some time exploring this website to learn more about our programs and services. We look forward to welcoming your advisees to Cornell Career Services. Please let us know if you have any questions about CCS or would like to learn more about how we can assist students in your program.

Overview of Services

Below we provide an overview of our services; you can find more details in the specific related pages elsewhere in the site.

Advising and Counseling Services

Career Counseling. We offer in-depth assistance for students who want to clarify career direction or discover occupations of interest. In addition, students can meet with career advisors specializing in a wide range of interest areas.

Workshops. We present programs on topics such as career planning, developing job-search skills, and applying for graduate and professional education regularly. The basic job-search series covers resumes, cover letters, interviewing, job-search strategies, summer jobs, and internships. Recordings of most of our programs are available at the media site.

Job-Search Advising. Professional advisors offer individualized assistance with career planning and all aspects of the job search—remotely and in person when we're on campus.

Career Information Services

Career Libraries. We have a collection of books, directories, job bulletins, and more to help students research career options and identify potential employers. The main library is located in 103 Barnes Hall, and several college offices maintain a smaller collection of college-specific materials. There is also an extensive Resource Library included in this site.

Employer Information. We provide access to robust online directories giving access to annual reports, company literature and profiles, information on financial performance, employer contacts, and more for students to use in researching employers and preparing for interviews.

E-mail Communication. Students should register with our information system, Cornell Handshake, and indicate their career interests in their student profile. We will then send targeted notifications of events and opportunities such as workshops, alumni panels, networking events, special skill-building programs hosted by employers, employer receptions, etc.

Job-Search Services

Resume and Cover Letter Assistance. We provide information on preparing resumes and cover letters on this site, in the Career Guide, and in Canvas. In addition, a career or peer advisor will review the content and presentation of resumes and career-related correspondence.

Interview Preparation. We offer a wide range of assistance in preparing for interviews, including simulated interviews, in which we provide feedback on verbal and nonverbal communication skills.

Jobs for Cornellians. Job descriptions and application information for regional, national, and international employers are targeted for Cornell students and posted daily in Handshake.

Summer Jobs and Internships. Short-term positions—on campus, elsewhere in Ithaca, or away from campus—that can help students clarify career options and gain valuable career-related experience are also included in Handshake.

On-Campus Recruiting. Nearly 400 employers—primarily from the corporate sector—visit campus each year to conduct interviews with students for summer and full-time employment.

Other Employment Services

Employer Information Sessions. Employers arrange sessions to introduce students to their organizations, usually in conjunction with an on-campus recruiting visit. The sessions provide a forum for job seekers to meet potential employers and for undergraduates to learn more about a particular employer or career field.

Employer Career Fairs. Career fairs offer on-campus forums to gather information, develop networks, and meet employers from a variety of sectors, including corporate, environmental, and not-for-profit.

New York Recruiting Consortium. Employers representing banking and finance, consulting, retail, advertising, law, and various other fields interview Arts and Sciences and Human Ecology students in New York City in January.

Ivy+ Consortium. This event is for students from Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard, MIT, Penn, Princeton, Stanford, UChicago, and Yale to find internship or full-time opportunities.

Graduate and Professional School Advising

Advising and Programs. Services are offered on the graduate school application process, including personal essays, exam study guides, sample admissions tests, and registration materials for national tests. Directories of graduate study are also available.

Graduate and Professional School Days. Representatives from over 150 schools offer information and advice on programs of study and application procedures during Graduate and Professional School Day in the fall semester.

Health Careers. We offer extensive support for students who are considering careers in human medicine, veterinary medicine, and health-related professions. This includes advising, resources, and orientation sessions for students pursuing careers in human medicine, veterinary medicine, and health-related professions are provided. 

Most Cornell students who are applying to schools of human medicine complete the Health Careers Evaluation Committee (HCEC) process to have a letter of evaluation sent to admissions committees on their behalf. You may be asked by a fellow faculty member or staff member to serve on this committee. A student may ask you to send a letter of recommendation to the committee.

Legal Careers. Advising and programs are offered on the application process, including personal statements. Resources include survey information on Cornellians at U.S. law schools and statistics on where Cornellians apply with acceptances/denials.

Competitive Fellowships. Cornell Career Services provides advice on eligibility and support during the application process for selected competitive awards for undergraduate and graduate study or research. Most of these are competitions that require University endorsement. Review our section on Prestigious Fellowships for information that can help your students and advisees.

Connecting Students with Alumni and Other Career "Specialists"

Shadowing Programs. Cornell alumni and friends (including family members) host students in the workplace to give an insider's view of a career field as part of the Alumni Connections Program and ILR's Freshman Extern Program and WISP Program.

Informational Interviews. CUeLINKS is an online resource that enables students to obtain career advice from alumni and other professionals working in diverse fields. Students are also encouraged to conduct information interviews in person during semester breaks. Let us know if you are interested in participating.

Alumni Forums. Alumni participate in career panels, career days, on-campus recruiting, employer career fields, and information sessions to help students establish contacts and learn about specific career fields.