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Cornell University

Profile Picture Kiosk

Your profile picture is key to your personal brand and online networking. It has an impact on your job opportunities and ultimately, your career. 

Profile Picture Kiosk Poster

Elevate your online presence with a professional profile picture. It's free and available to all students, faculty, staff, and alumni. This selfie station puts you in control - no professional photographer needed. It's as easy as 1-2-3... Take it - Send it - Post it. 

  • Schedule a 20-minute session.

  • Come professionally dressed to Cornell Career Services in 103 Barnes Hall. We'll make sure the lights are set up and the camera is ready for your appointment.
  • Pose and take as many photos as you need using a remote connect to to an iPad camera.
  • Email the photos to yourself to download and use your photo for all your professional profiles.
Profile Picture Kiosk Room, Ring Light, Stand, Stool


When you get to the Profile Picture Kiosk it will be set up for you and the instructions are printed on the wall (and below. We have staff on hand to assist if you have any questions


  • Lights: Ring light and reflective lights will be on; overhead room lights off

  • iPad: Unlock the iPad by swiping up and opening the camera app
    • Turn to the front-facing camera
    • Ensure it is in "Portrait" mode
  • Stool: Position height so you are centered
  • Remote: Grab red remote (on lanyard) and make sure side switch is "on"

Take Pictures

  • Smile and look at the camera (top center) press the larger button on the remote to take pictures

  • Review photos by selecting the bottom right inlay in the camera app

Share Images

  • Click share icon

  • Scroll to select multiple images
  • Select Outlook mail app
  • Send photos to yourself (they will be jpg attachments)

Wrap Up

  • Leave the room as you found it

  • Later, you can crop or edit your photos
  • Upload your new photo to your profile(s)
  • We will turn off the lights and delete the photos each night