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Developing a Backup Plan

Unfortunately, rejection is part of the job-search process. If you have been looking diligently for six months and still have not found a position, consider whether you may need to gain additional experience to be competitive in the field you're pursuing or even redirect your search.

Build Experience and Gain Skills

  • Take a short-term position or internship.   
  • Work for a temporary agency.   
  • Volunteer or offer to work on a short-term project for free.

Redirect Your Search

  • Talk with a career advisor to clarify goals and narrow your options.   
  • Show your resume and cover letter to several of your networking contacts and explain your situation. Do they see any obvious problems? Do they think your skills and experience are suited to the field? What would they suggest to strengthen your application?   
  • Did you focus on appropriate employers and jobs that need the skills you have to offer?   
  • Have you restricted your search too much geographically?