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Cornell University

Experiential Projects

Experiential Projects are short work-based assignments designed to provide you with relevant learning experiences. Experiential Projects can also be short term observations in a work experience through job shadowing. Cornell Career Services is developing and building on new and exciting programs to help you connect and learn from our vast alumni network! Explore CUeLINKS Projects and shadow experiences to explore and identify your interests while building on your skills.

CUeLINKS Projects

Explore and apply for short-term, virtual projects and job shadowing opportunities offered by Cornell University Alumni. These experiences will help you explore careers and build on the skills you need to be career ready.

Job Shadow Experiences

Job shadowing is an activity that enables a person to spend some time observing a professional on the job. These observations can help you to see how textbook learning can be applied in the real world and can provide insight into your career path and goals.