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Career Development Toolkit

The Career Development Toolkit is an award-winning career resource consisting of a set of modules in Canvas. A module consists of a series of ordered pages with built-in interactive activities. View in Chrome or FirefoxModule topics include:

Career Readiness Exploration Networking Resumes
Letters Job and Internship Search Applications: Jobs/Internships Portfolios
Virtual Events Interviews Job Offers and Negotiations Hired
Pre-Law Pre-Graduate International Fellowships
Current Graduate Students Resources Consulting Data Science
Finance Product Management (PM) Software Engineering (SWE) User Experience (UX)

See our brief recorded tour of the Toolkit.

Gaining Access

For Current Students

You will sign in with your NetID and password and self-enrollIf you are already enrolled and want to dive in, jump to the course. In canvas you can also go to Courses > All Courses > Browse More Courses to search for the Toolkit.

For Alumni

If you have never had access to Canvas before, you’ll first have to request Canvas access and then self-enroll

For Faculty and Staff

You can self-enroll as a "student" user. Contact if you would like ideas for how to incorporate Canvas into your course.

Additional Canvas Courses

In addition to the Toolkit, we have other Canvas resources:

On-Campus Recruiting Tutorial

On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) Eligibility Tutorial. Completion is required to gain eligibility to participate in on-campus recruiting. Enroll in the Tutorial. Alternatively, In canvas you can also go to Courses > All Courses > Browse More Courses to search for OCR. If you were approved prior to January 11, 2021 you do not need to retake the tutorial. 

Health Careers

Health Careers Advising Application Preparation Process (HCA-APP) course is intended for those planning to apply in spring 2022. Enroll in HCA-APP.


Pre-Veterinary Planning course is intended for those applying to vet school and was created by CALS. Enroll in Pre-Vet.

Some individual colleges have supplemental materials in Canvas. Contact your college career office for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a website and these Canvas modules?

The modules are more interactive, and also conveniently located on Canvas so deadlines and content are in the same place you go for your academic classes.

Why does the page look strange and no photos are visible?

Canvas modules work best in Chrome. Try a different web browser.

Can I suggest an edit or request new content?

We welcome suggestions! Share your feedback on our survey.

I'm a student at Weill and I’m having trouble gaining access.

Weill users can create accounts in Canvas by logging in with your Weill ID. You will see an option to create a Canvas user account. Once you create an account, you'll be able to use the self-enroll link to access the course.

Will my access expire?

The course is perpetual term. As long as your NetID is active, you will be able to access the content. When you graduate, you should retain access to Canvas and your assignment history.