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Coronavirus Event Planning Checklist

Planning Events During COVID-19

[Click here to download this document as a pdf file]

As you begin the planning process for your meetings, activities, and/or events, please use this guide to determine the level of risk associated with your activity. Understanding there are different types of activities that take place all across campus, it is important to recognize that your actions and behaviors can put others at risk.

Like most organizations during COVID-19, Cornell University has established a series of policies, procedures and guidelines for those wishing to hold activities, meetings and/or events on campus. While Cornell is carefully monitoring information provided by Tompkins County, New York State, the CDC, and the WHO, Cornell may implement our own set of policies, procedures and/or guidelines that may be stricter.

In all cases, event planners should consider use of technology, such as Zoom videoconferencing, rather than in-person meetings or gatherings. While we understand that virtual meetings and events may not be ideal, it is essential that we prioritize both the health and safety of our campus community as well as our alumni, friends and visitors. The following checklist is for event planners who have, or are in the process of, scheduling events on the Ithaca campus.

For the purpose of this document, the word “activities” refers to any event, meeting, or gathering that will take place on Cornell’s campus, and sponsored by a registered student organization, sorority or fraternity, or academic/administrative unit/department.

For In-Person Activities

  • We have explored on-line/virtual options, and have determined that this activity must take place in-person.
  • Our activity does not take place off-campus.
  • Our group has reserved a space using the Academic and Event Scheduling website. Registered Student Organizations must also register their activity in CampusGroups
  • If our activity required additional information as part of the reservation and event registration process, we have completed the necessary forms, and have received final approval.
  • We have confirmed the room capacity with the scheduler, and have confirmed that our activity will not exceed the capacity. There will not be more than thirty (30) people in attendance, including our own staff who may be working the activity.
  • There will not be food or beverages served. In addition, we have notified attendees and instructed them not to bring food or beverages to the activity.
  • Face coverings will be worn by all attendees. We have notified attendees and instructed them that they will not be permitted to enter the activity unless they are wearing appropriate face coverings.
  • We have taken the necessary precautions to ensure that attendees will be able to maintain 6 feet of physical distancing throughout the activity.
  • We have a mechanism in place to take attendance, including the attendee’s name, Cornell netID, arrival time, and departure time. Registered Student Organizations must use CampusGroups to track attendance.
  • We confirm that our activity is only open to current Cornell students, faculty and staff (in compliance with Cornell’s Travel and Visitor Policy).
  • There will not be any outside speaker or guest attending our activity (in-person).
  • Our activity does not include any type of physical contact.
  • There will be no singing (indoors). We understand that singing is permitted at outdoor events if physical distancing and face covering requirements are met.
  • There will be no wind instruments at indoor events. We understand that wind instruments are permitted at outdoor events if the musician has a bell cover on their instrument, and physical distancing and face covering requirements are met. String and percussion instruments are permitted at indoor and outdoor event if physical distancing and face covering requirements are met
  • If our activity includes using the Cornell logo or artwork on merchandise, we have completed the appropriate Cornell Logo and Artwork Approval form.
  • If our activity includes filming on campus, we have completed the appropriate form to request permission to film or record on campus.
  • The nature of our activity complies with all Cornell University, New York State, Tompkins County, and CDC policies and procedures.

For more information on event planning at Cornell, visit, or email

The University Events Team (UET – formerly Events Management Planning Team, or EMPT) may be able to assist with the planning of your event. UET currently meets via Zoom Thursdays at 3:00 pm. Email for more information.