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Coronavirus Guidelines for Meetings & Events

COVID-19 Updates

Visit Cornell's COVID-19 webpage for updates and reactivation planning, or Cornell's COVID-19 Dashboard for the latest information on testing and the most recent alert updates.

Like most organizations during COVID-19, Cornell University has established a series of policies, procedures and guidelines for those wishing to hold meetings and/or events on campus. This information may change with little or no notice, so please check this page often. In addition, while Cornell is carefully monitoring information provided by Tompkins County, New York State, the CDC, and the WHO, Cornell may implement our own set of policies, procedures and/or guidelines that may be stricter.

These guidelines are the minimum for university meetings and events. Some colleges/units may have more restrictive policies on specific buildings they manage and/or groups they sponsor.

In all cases, event planners should consider use of technology, such as Zoom videoconferencing, rather than in-person meetings or gatherings. While we understand that virtual meetings and events may not be ideal, it is essential that we prioritize both the health and safety of our campus community. The following guidance is for event planners who have, or are in the process of, scheduling events on the Ithaca campus.

    All In-Person Events and Meetings

    • All in-person events taking place on campus (and some virtual events) will need to schedule through the Scheduling@Cornell website for approval. For step-by-step instructions on how to request space for an event, how to edit your events, and how to get assistance, visit the Academic and Event Scheduling website page called Getting Help.

    • Events and meetings may only be attended by current Cornell students, faculty or staff approved to be on campus (see Cornell’s Travel and Visitor Policy for more information).
    • The daily check (health assessment tool) must be completed by all participants prior to entering a campus facility. Stay home and avoid contact with others when you are sick; call ahead before seeking medical care at Cornell Health or elsewhere.

    • Face coverings must be worn by all attendees at all times.
    • Physical distancing of at least 6 feet between people is required (even when wearing a face covering).
    • Attendees must not exceed the adjusted, socially-distanced “COVID” capacity of the space that is used for the meeting or event.
    • In-person, university-sponsored events and activities are limited to 10 or fewer attendees. Note that the maximum number of attendees may change based on the size of space or university or public health policies.
    • Tabling (inside or outside) is not permitted on campus.
    • Singing is not permitted indoors. Singing is permitted outdoors if physical distancing and face covering requirements are met.
    • Wind instruments are not permitted at indoor events. Wind instruments are permitted at outdoor events if musician(s) has a bell cover on instrument, and physical distancing and face covering requirements are met. String and percussion instruments are permitted at indoor and outdoor event if physical distancing and face covering requirements are met.
    • It is the responsibility of the Event Requestor/Sponsoring Group to ensure that:
      • face coverings are worn by all attendees and physical distancing occurs at all times.
      • attendees do not consume food at events or meetings. If the space allows beverages, attendees are permitted to bring their own drink to indoor events if strict physical distancing requirements are in place and post-drinking attendees immediately don face covering. 
      • attendance is taken and maintained by a representative of the sponsoring organization. The attendance sheet must include date, time and location of the meeting/event, along with each attendee’s name, Cornell netID (email), time the attendee entered the meeting/event, and time they left. Registered student organizations, Greek Life and residential areas must use CampusGroups to maintain attendance lists and register their meetings and events.

    Student Organization Events - For Spring 2021

    Virtual Events and Meetings

    If you are hosting a virtual event, an event request form must be completed using Scheduling@Cornell if the event:

    • expects attendees under 18 years of age (excludes Cornell registered students)

    • uses the University logo
    • is photographed or recorded for distribution
    • invites an outside performer/speaker/musical artist
    • is a hosted conference
    • distributes any items to attendees prior to the virtual event/meeting
      • e.g., DYI kit, food, or alcohol
    • invites a dignitary or government official

    If possible, provide options for remote viewing of your event or meeting (Zoom, webcast, etc.).  Cornell Information Technologies (CIT) provides the following resources:

    Guidelines for Registered Student Organizations

    2020-2021 Campus Activities Student Organization Social, Event and Meeting Requirements

    Guidelines for Sororities and Fraternities

    Visit the Sorority and Fraternity Life website for current policies and procedures for Greek organizations.