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Vivek Matthew

Vivek Mathew (M.Div Princeton Theological Seminary 2011, B.Phil Oxford 2013, Ph.D Cornell 2019) was born and raised in Defiance, Ohio. From Ohio he moved to New Jersey to study computer science at Princeton (B.S.E. 1999), and then to New York City where he worked for eight years in quantitative finance at Morgan Stanley. While in New York he attended Redeemer Presbyterian Church (where he met his wife Jeanie) and grew more interested in theology and philosophy. Returning to Princeton, he did his M.Div at Princeton Theological Seminary and found himself pulled toward both ordained parish ministry working in Episcopal church contexts as well as historical theology and philosophy. The philosophy bug led him to move overseas to the UK to read the B.Phil in philosophy at Oxford University. From there he came to Cornell in 2013 where he spent the next 6 years doing doctoral work at the intersection of metaphysics, philosophy of religion, philosophy of language, cognitive science, and history of philosophy. He was one of five nationwide fellowship recipients for cross-training grants given by the Society of Christian Philosophers and the Templeton Foundation. He and Jeanie have three children and attend Bread of Life Anglican Church. In his spare time you'll find him enacting overly elaborate make-believe stories with his daughters or riding scooters with his one year old son.

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