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Freshmen Information

First-year students are required to participate in the CPRS colloquium. This first semester activity introduces students to the many opportunities for research at Cornell, as well as to other CPRS students. Freshmen are expected to conduct 3 informational interviews with faculty whose research is of interest to them in the hopes that they will find a mentor to work with in their second semester.

By the second semester, most students will have found a mentor and will have begun the basics of working on a research project. Second semester freshmen must write a research plan that describes the project and their goals for the semester. This plan will be developed in conjunction with their faculty mentor, who must sign off on the plan.

Occasionally, and often due to extenuating circumstances, it is not feasible for students in the program to begin research during their freshman year. The CPRS program is intended to be flexible and supportive of the varied needs and interests of each student as he or she gets familiar with Cornell, their field of interest, and the world of research.