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Nicole Arthur Riley

Student Engagement Coordinator

Nicole serves as the Content, Communications, and Spiritual Formation Manager for Chesterton House. She writes and curates content for students to engage Christian thought, virtue, and vocation; oversees spiritual formation and direction with students in the ministry; and manages Chesterton House’s external communications. She studied English Writing and English Literature at the University of Pittsburgh before joining the CCO (Coalition for Christian Outreach) to pursue vocational ministry. She did a year-long CCO Fellowship at her alma mater, before moving to Philadelphia to minister to students at Immaculata University and Eastern University, eventually making her way to Cornell University to work with Chesterton House. She was raised in the city of Pittsburgh and carries some pride in that. As a black, first-generation college student, she struggled to find her way and translate her life and body and experience into the world of higher education. This has developed within her a deep sense of responsibility in studying and presenting a Christian faith that is intrinsically entwined with justice, solidarity, and reconciliation. Nicole currently lives with her husband, Wallace (or Billy), in an 1840s farmhouse on 8 acres of land right outside of Ithaca. They spend much of their time together playing games/watching movies that require you to solve some kind of mystery/puzzle. She enjoys short stories, cryptograms, and watching people cook. 

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