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An update on General Room Selection as of September 20th

As we wind down today's portion of General Room Selection for rising juniors and seniors, we're grateful for your patience and for the feedback we've received over the course of the day. We realize some students again experienced delays when the Housing Portal opened this morning, and we worked quickly with our partners at StarRez to ramp up the available system resources to accommodate everyone.

Congratulations to those of you who have lined up the housing you were looking for in South Campus residence halls and program houses; and North Campus residence halls, program houses, and Townhouse Apartments. If you're taking part tomorrow, note that in addition to available space in the West Campus House System, more beds remain available in South Campus and North Campus facilities. We suggest you have some backup options in mind, if it turns out you don't get exactly what you want on West Campus.

Both segments remain open for selection until 4pm Thursday, and you'll be able to see live updates of what remains available in the Bed Availability Report.

If you don't select housing tomorrow, a waitlist will open at 4pm that will allow you to enter your preferences for room type and building, and we'll let you know if you're selected. 

We've learned from this first time through a new Housing Selection process and from the feedback we've received yesterday and today, and we can apply what we've learned to the planning for next spring's process for rising sophomores and for next fall's edition of the process for rising juniors and seniors. Thank you again for your patience, and best of luck with your housing and the rest of the semester.