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An update on General Room Selection as of September 19th

Thank you for your patience with what proved to be a frustrating experience for everyone this morning as the Housing Portal was overwhelmed by the traffic to StarRez when we attempted to open General Room Selection at 10am, even though we had arranged for them to increase the concurrent number of users the Housing Portal would support. 
StarRez tells us that though there were about 1,200 students registered to participate, there were over 3,000 user connections, including some users apparently connecting from multiple devices.
We believe a small number of students selected a bed this morning, but due to the glitches everyone faced, these housing contracts were not finalized, and these students will need to participate in the process again. We are communicating separately with those individuals.
When General Room Selection resumes, divided into segments to spread out the load on the StarRez system, please connect from only one device at a time. Logging in via multiple devices will only congests the system further, and does not afford you any advantage.
We'll resume General Room Selection for upper-level students tomorrow, Wednesday, September 20th, at 10am, for students interested in space in South Campus residence halls and program houses; and North Campus residence halls, program houses, and Townhouse Apartments.
Then, on Thursday at 10am, we'll open General Room Selection for available beds in the West Campus House System. We expect a lot of interest in these popular spaces, and encourage you to have multiple plans in mind in our North Campus and South Campus residence halls, program houses, or the Townhouse Apartments.
Both segments will remain open for selection until 4pm on Thursday, September 21st.
You'll be able to see live updates in the Bed Availability Report.
Please remember to log in once, from one computer, phone, or tablet, so as not to overwhelm the StarRez service again. We wish you the best in selecting your residence for next year.
Thank you for your patience and for following these steps above as we adjust the process to manage demand.